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Bowlive III: Night Ten – Finale Recap for Soulive w/ Ledisi, Derek Trucks and The London Souls ~ Extended Review + Media (03.10.12)

After nine nights of warming up, Soulive members Eric KransoNeal Evans and Alan Evans tore the roof off the Brooklyn Bowl Saturday night for the final night of their 3rd annual ten-night residency, Bowlive. Over the course of the last two weeks, Soulive presented their audience with talented guests from across the musical spectrum. Virtuoso guitarists such as jazz legend John Scofield, southern blues rocker Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars), and the hard-bopping Warner Brothers artist Mark Whitfield created slaying duets with guitarist Eric Krasno. Renowned bassists Oteil Burbridge (The Allman Brothers Band) and George Porter, Jr. (The Meters) rocked the stage, adding to the cool bass keys Neal Evans plays so strikingly. Hip-hop drummer ?uestlove (The Roots), experimental percussionist Billy Martin (MMW) and world beat drummer Luke Quaranta took their turns leading the rhythm when the smoother than smooth Soulive drummer Alan Evans stepped aside to play rhythm guitar.

Guest vocalists Nigel Hall, Allen Stone, Jennifer Hartswick and Alecia Chakour brought their own style of strength and soul to the mic, Citizen Cope and Alice Smith sang an eclectic mix of blues, laid-back rock and folk while Rhazel and Ledisi delivered beat boxing and R&B/Soul into the eager ears of their audience. As well, for two night and two full sets, Royal Family recordings artists Lettuce, consisting of guitarist Adam Smirnoff, drummer Adam Deitch (Break Science), bassist ED “Jesus” Coomes, and The Bowlive horns, seared the stage with their urban funk flavor.

The Bowlive Horns, consisting of saxophonist James Casey, trumpeters Eric Bloom and Matt Owens and tenor saxophonist Ryan Zoidis were joined over the course of the run by numerous big name brass players.  Trombonist Sam “Big Sam” Williams (Big Sam’s Funky Nation), flautist/saxophonist Karl Denson (Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe), trumpeters Rashawn Ross (Dave Matthews Band) and Jennifer Hartswick, flautist Kofi Burbrudge (Derek Trucks Band) and wild improvisational saxophonist Skerik, rotated throughout the ten nights creating one of the sickest brass ensembles some have ever seen.

Other surprise guests included virtuoso pianist Eldar and organist Mitch Chakour while DJ Wyllys spun the ones and twos in between the weekend sets. When Soulive didn’t open the show themselves, the one man band, Zach Deputy, Royal Family recording artists The Nigel Hall Band, The Alecia Chakour Band and The London Souls amped the energy of the evening before Soulive took over to lay devastation upon the stage. It has been a two week rage of full on face melting, mind warping, soul filling, gut busting musicianship that accelerated with power each night and with audience members wondering how it could be topped.

Saturday night was the tenth and last night of Bowlive III. The audience, clad in white outfits for the evening’s White-Out Party theme, could be heard whispering their ideas of who the special guests might be. The London Souls, Ledisi and The Royal Family All-Stars were billed which could only mean that a surprise that couldn’t be named was being prepared.

The London Souls opened the evening with their Hendrix-style rock and roll sound. It is quite impossible to remain calm when guitarist Tash Neal, bassist Stu Mahan, and drummer Chris St. Hilaire are slamming away on their instruments.  The perfect opening for the end of a great run.

Soulive’s set started off with the super horn heavy, high-energy “El Ron”  However, during “Upright,” some unexpected technical difficulty occurred.  What could have been a rough moment turned into something special. There was three minutes where Alan Evans and his team worked at lightning speed to repair a broken drum head while the remaining members on stage worked together to keep the audience engaged. The audience clapped and cheered, supporting their favorite trio because there was importance in this moment. The band’s talent was exposed so much more during this time as they kept it together. The power from the applause in the audience when Evans’ silver shimmering drum kit was finally lifted in the air and put back in place was outstanding. It was a killer moment in rock n roll, a killer moment in Bowlive History. The trio ripped into the end of “Upright” and kept the momentum UP, UP, UP! They rolled through “Tuesday Night Squad” and Nigel Hall sang on the lively “Too Much” and the beautifully arranged “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears For Fears that segued into Bobby Caldwell’s “Open Your Eyes.”

When Ledisi was brought back on stage for the second night, the crowd exploded. Her R&B flavor had brought such joy to the previous night’s performance and we wanted more. Singing “Love Never Changes” off her Turn Me Loose album, Ledisi unleashed her massively powerful voice upon the audience. Her range and strength were unbelievable as she swiftly scatted her way through “Them Changes,” a Buddy Miles cover off of Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys. Tash Neal also performed on this song where he and Krasno playfully raged a duet to end the set.

The second set began as multiple white balloons were tossed out into the audience while Soulive played “One in Seven.” The second technical difficulty of the night occurred as Neal Evans’ clavinet finally gave way after nine nights of solid pounding. Not to miss a beat, Alan Evans began jamming on his kit, delivering a tight an extended drum solo as the back line team fixed the issue.  It was then time for some Beatles love as they played an electric run of “Eleanor Rigby,” “She’s So Heavy” and “Get Back.”

Finally, the last surprise guest of this amazing musical journey was invited on the stage. Southern rock, slide guitarist Derek Trucks (The Allman Brothers Band) walked out on stage with Nigel Hall and Ledisi to perform Sam Cooke’s Civil Rights Era anthem “A Change Gonna Come,”. It was no wonder that while Ledisi and Hall sang with all their passion and Derek Trucks made his guitar cry, audience members began to weep where they stood. The meaning and epic delivery of this song wasn’t lost on a single soul. Soulive flipped the emotional script by following Cooke’s song with the raging Jimi Hendrix’s tune, “Manic Depression!” Derek Trucks, Eric Krasno, Neal Evans and Alan Evans delivered a sick rendition of the song with Trucks and Krasno playing off each other and Trucks taking a ripping solo to end the set.

Before the encore, Brooklyn Bowl owner, Pete Shapiro, came on stage with Rosemary and Lavender plants in his hands. He explained that everyone on the floor was to take a piece of the plants being passed around the audience in hopes that the aroma therapy would help us gather our strength for one last song. Ending their epic ten night run the way they began, our favorite trio, just the three of them, took the stage for “Aladdin.”

Bowlive III is now over, leaving some New Yorkers wondering what to do with themselves.  For two weeks, dedicated fans came to the Brooklyn Bowl to see Neal Evans, Alan Evans and Eric Krasno play their hearts out, touching on every musical genre and playing with many of Americas most talented musicians. Let us give thanks to Soulive for the dedication to their craft and their ability to express it through the creative outlet that is Bowlive. Thanks for their want to educate us on new talent, their need to put new twists on old classics, and their determination to raise the bar each and every night.

Let us give thanks to The Brooklyn Bowl, because without them there would be no Bowlive. Thanks for their wonderful environment, staff and treatment.  For the last 2 weeks the Brooklyn Bowl has been our community’s second home. We’ve feasted on their fantastic Blue Ribbon cuisine, felt at home on their plush leather couches and enjoyed their attentive staff.   Soulive + The Brooklyn Bowl = Bowlive and don’t you forget it!

A change has come to New York City. A change has come to the music community.  Soulive has created something so special in Bowlive.  There is nothing else like it in our scene and it’s through that unique way of doing things that Soulive will remain one of the most influential groups in our music community. Bowlive is the development of a passionate dream that is now reality. After three years, Bowlive is no-doubt a game changer in the music community and will continue to be for many years to come. Thank you Soulive!

 Karen E. Dugan
– Photo courtesy of Phrazz

Youtube Videos

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Bowlive III: Night Eight – Soulive w/ George Porter Jr., Zach Deputy, Citizen Cope and Alice Smith ~ Extended Review + Media (03.08.12)

For the eighth night, Soulive members, Eric Krasno, Alan Evans and Neal Evans, performed at the Brooklyn Bowl for their annual residency, Bowlive.  In its third year, Bowlive has become one of the most interesting, engaging, educational and smoking residencies in New York City. There are some, who might argue, in America. Each night has gotten heavier, deeper, tighter, and energetically more invested with each guest who joins the stage to breath more life into the already amazing trio.

The Alecia Chakour Band opened last night to a huge crowd. Chakour joined the Bowlive rooster last year.  In the masculine crew that makes up the artists on the Royal Family Records Label, Alecia Chakour is a breath of fresh female energy. With a voice and range as powerful as Aretha Franklin, Chakour rightful deserves to be on stage with the talented musicians who make up Soulive. Chakour’s band members consisted of trumpeter Igmar Thomas (The Cypher), organist Neal Evans (Soulive), bassist and brother Alex Chakour, drummer Miles Arntzen (Antibalas), guitarist Sam Cohen (Apollo Sunshine), and saxophonist James Casey (6figures).  A highlight was when surprise guest artist Kofi Burbridge (The Derek Trucks band) lent his fluttering flute to the bunch on their new tune, “Surely.” The Alecia Chakour Band is a sick, tight, funky crew who fit right into the rotation of amazing acts that we have so far seen over the two week run.

Soulive members (guitarist Eric Krasno and soul brothers Alan Evans on drums and Neal Evans on clavinet) welcomed numerous guests on stage last night, some announced and some a surprise. This is always to be expected and they never disappoint. “Steppin” was the only song Soulive ever stood alone on stage for. After that, the flood gates opened with Kofi Burbridge jumping in on “El Ron” with the Bowlive Horns: saxophonist James Casey, trumpeter Eric Bloom and tenor saxophonist Ryan Zoidis. Special guest and Brooklyn resident Citizen Cope was next to join the stage to perform his original “Bullet and a Target,” and “Something to Believe In.” Cope’s raw, uncommon chords and proactive lyrics have been recognized and covered by likes of Carlos Santana, Dido, Sheryl Crow and Slipknot. His vocals transformed the bowl into a new vibe, a slower yet passionate part of the set. Alice Smith, the second vocalist billed that night, joined for Cope’s last tunes, “Ain’t Gonna Stand for It” and “107 Degrees.” Alice Smith’s voice melded beautifully with Cope’s the same way that Alecia Chakour’s voice melds perfectly with Nigel Halls. She is aggressive, serious, powerful, and passionate with a 4-octave vocal range and stunning stage presence. Cope exited the stage and Alice Smith, with the Soulive trio backing her, performed Cee Lo Green’s, “Fool For You.” The Bowlive Horns helped closed out the set with “Tuesday Night Squad,”as trumpeter Eric Bloom’s excitement spilled out of his animated solo and Nigel Hall took over the keys.

The second set was dedicated exclusively to the musical power of New Orleans yet contained special guests of varying styles. This was definitely one of the best sets of the entire run. Special guests, world renowned New Orleans bassist George Porter, Jr. (The Meters), drummer ?uestlove (The Roots), Billy Martin (Martin, Medeski and Wood), flautistKofi Burbridge and saxophonist Skerik, out for his third night, piled on stage with Soulive and the Bowlive horns. Covering New Orleans and Meters favorites “Just Kissed My Baby, “Hey Pocky Way,” “Come Fly with Me,” and “Funkify Your Life,” the musical entourage on stage was the definition of a Jam Room. George Porter, Jr. brought such life to the younger musicians who were surrounding him. Each artist took their turn power housing their instruments because Porter believes in the journey of the song and allowing it to unfold, which is exactly what happened on “Africa,” when Skerik took his solo and the classic song turned into a completely different creature.

Experimental jazz percussionist Billy Martin was left to his own devices with a pile of instruments to create sounds with after drumming for “Hey Pokey Way.” Martin is the drumming member of his own jazz, funk trio so his addition to Soulive allowed for experimental sounds that enhanced the layers of the music. “Everything is Everything” closed the set with Nigel Hall on vocals and another night of Bowlive ended, this time without and encore.  ?uestlove’s Bowl Train DJ set saw out the rest of  the night and everyone danced their way through funky, old skool tunes until their weary bodies said enough.

It’s unbelievable to think that the members of Soulive have been going full speed for eight crazy nights. What a testament to their level of stamina, creativity, and their ability to surprise and entice their audience.  For those who can’t make the last two nights, check out the live feed on iClips.net. For those of you with the ability to make it this weekend, you won’t be disappointed. Continuing his New Orleans flavor from last night, special guest George Porter Jr. will be joined by Ledisi with Nigel Hall and Alecia Chakour opening. We can only speculate who the surprise guests will be, but you can be sure they will bring in Bowlive’s final weekend in FULL RAGE!!!

Can’t make the LIVE RAGE? Stream It on iClips.net!

 Karen E. Dugan
– Photo courtesy of Phrazz

Youtube Videos

Soulive feat. Citizen Cope – “Bullet & a Target” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoFGGhF_z2s

Soulive feat. George Porter & Nigel Hall – “Come Fly Away” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azUKgsH7ztY

Soulive feat Alice Smith & Citizen Cope – “107 Degrees” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdVFSkp-YEg

Soulive feat. George Por ter, Nigel & Kofi – “Voices Inside” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cRBqKlyAHc

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Friday’s show was a great start to the weekend. Click here for Friday’s Article….

Welcome to New Jersey!

Welcome to New Jersey!

The second of the three superb performances was upon us and the music and magic that we were in store for is difficult to explain.  This was one of those nights where words will never do it justice.  The soundboards do NOT do it justice.  NOTHING but being there will ever substitute the awesomeness that we were delivered and that we FELT radiating through that theater for night two.  I can honestly say that, for the first time, a Phish performance took my breath away and had me in tears.


10/30 - Poster by Nate Duval © Phish 2010. New Jersey Honey Bee.

10/30 - Poster by Nate Duval © Phish 2010. New Jersey Honey Bee.

We slept in, or rather I slept in, until about 1:30pm. The fluffy Borgata bed, devouring me in it’s blankets, made it hard for me to leave its comfort.  Having spent yesterday running around like chickens with our heads cut off, it was nice to take it easy for the rest of the weekend.

We set up some ground rules and meet up times with our Youth Posse (YP) and let them on their way to enjoy the city.  Having them in the back of my mind kept me on my toes the entire weekend.   I would find myself wondering what they were up to, hoping they were raging and having fun together.  Hoping they were safe and happy. Ultimately knowing they were!  How could they not be.  If I felt like a kid in a candy store, I could only imagine how they were feeling.

Our YP enjoyed their day raging around The Borgota, able to watch the members of Phish during sound check.  These humble little ragers enjoy musical happenings in life you can only imagine. While they were entertained by their favorite band,  Josh and I took off to see a few of our phamily.

Soundcheck: Whole Lotta Love (x2), Thank You, Billy Breathes, Can’t You See, Ramble On, Whole Lotta Love, Ginseng Sullivan, Rock Me Baby, Destiny Unbound [Unconfirmed and possibly incomplete]

After a $35 taxi ride, 10 minutes away and totally more expensive then NYC fees, we were at our friend’s house.  If we had not chaperoned the YP this trip, this would have been our accommodations.  A house that sleeps 12 and containing all my favorite people 🙂 We spent the afternoon talking about last night’s performance, what album Phish might play on Sunday, what everyone was planning on doing after the show.  Marco Benevento was playing at the same place Karl Denson raged the previous night.  There were mixed feelings throughout our crowd as to whether Marco would be fun or not. I was 110% set on going and I silently crossed my fingers that they would come to that conclusion later on as well.

We taxied back to Boardwalk Hall around 6pm.  Our friend’s had secured a few rooms in hotels around the venue and so we made our way to The Bally’s for a quick hang with more friends, specifically my NYC/Jamily crew! I LOVE YOU ALL!! We kicked it there for another hour before deciding it was time to head into the venue.

The Heard (photo by Dave Vann © phish 2010)

The Heard (photo by Dave Vann © phish 2010)

Phish @ Atlantic City : Saturday

Exiting onto the boardwalk, the front of the venue was packed to an even greater extent then the night before. There were substantially more people as well as more fingers up in the air for a lucky ticket into the venue.  If we only knew then what we knew now, people might have paid $500 instead of $300 to get into this show…..oh man!

Again, we made sure all of our friend were taken care of before we took off for the nicer private entrance we used the whole weekend.  Just look at that mess up there.  We were in section 104 this time allowing for a slightly better view of the side-angled light show.

As I sit here writing, it has taken me me a minute to recall anything that happened before the bombs of rock hit us midway through the first set.   As much as I want to just blast through the description of the Phish catalog that preceded the EPIC portion of this musical night, I will try to be patient and give ya the whole story!

As the members enter the stage, the audience completely flips their lid.  The beauty of a Phish audience! They are SUCH diehards.  Kill Devil Falls opened up the set with 8 minutes of high energy, hitting a nice Page jam around the 4 minute mark and bringing Trey in to shred close a wonderful opener.

The balloons and balls already making their way into the air from the ground level, I scanned my surroundings and my chest swelled a little bit.  The scene in front of me, the energy surging through the hall…it was a bit overwhelming for me.  I can hear yall now: “God! She is such a mushy female.” But what people need to realize is that these musical moments are my religion. Being  in an audience, listening and feeling what the music does to me.  That is my version of church.  And when you stop, embrace your surroundings and look past the music and take it alllll in…..well, I swell up, and many times, I cry.

Music is my religion!

Music is my religion!

I swelled up at this moment because I can’t help but be touched by a MASSIVE space filled with 14,000 like-minded people, dancing and smiling and SCREAMING for a common goal.  The passion these fans have for Phish. The dedication these fans have to getting into the shows. Here I am blessed to be rocking a laminate around my neck that others would pay me thousands of dollars for.  It blows my mind.

Jesus ~ Phish

Jesus ~ Phish

I feel so blessed to have fallen into the Phish world so deeply, so QUICKLY! Then, top that off with being surrounded by all your closest friends who are just the greatest people to know. I lose myself many times in these moments, throughout my show going experiences….and so I get emotional.  I know I am not the only one who’s “life was saved by rock n’ roll” so, holla if ya hear me 🙂 That being said, if you ever see me weeping at a show or see tears rolling down my face, you can be sure they are tears of joy and I am probably in the middle of an inwardly religious musical moment.

Cavern kept the energy high with each instrument standing out on it’s own, every player sounding on point. The boys had brought more energy into the first two songs of this night then they had during the entire first set of Friday’s performance.

Mike‘s bass brought the jazzy Foam to our ears and brought Trey to his toes.  A random collection of notes coming out of the instruments, the salsa dancer in me wanted to burst out and I wish I was on the floor during this song twirling.  Not having mentioned Chris Kuroda‘s light show yet, can I just say I love him?  Did yall know that 😉  But the stand out in this song is generally Page, and once again, he brought a little love to our ears during his rapid, airy, scaling keys jam.

Glowsticks are fun!

Glowsticks are fun!

WHO LOVES GLOW STICK WARS??  I do! You know, I realized something during these shows, walking around the floor, checking people out.  There are so many aspects to what make a Phish show great.  Seriously, think about it. There are those people who play certain rolls in the community to ensure that the show, with all it’s traditions, stays alive and the audience stay pumped.

Right? So, perhaps I’m reaching here but at a Phish show, you have those people who’s sole dedication to the show is to rage the Glow sticks. They spend all their free moments collecting, ejecting,  recollecting, throwing again and recollecting to ensure proper parts of the song/show are highlighted with these bursts of light and energy.

Trey and Mike Guelah Papyrus dance

Trey and Mike Guelah Papyrus dance

There was a MASSIVE Glow Stick war during Guelah Papyrus.  Best one of the weekend by far. Around 4 minutes into the song, the stage goes black and the band members freeze frame for what seems like forever but was only about 45 seconds. During this time, the audience begins cheering, the glowsticks start flying in the air, the crescendo of sound growing with every half-second.  Single specks in the air turn into hundreds being tossed, some directed at Trey and the other band members who are trying to stand still but also needing to move from time to time as to not get hit right in the face.

I wondered how many people it was taking to create what those of us in the stands could see happening on the floor in front of us.  One’s vision is immediately drawn away from the stage and into the crowd when these bursts happen.

Glowstick Specific Video

Photo by Dave Vann

Photo by Dave Vann

And now…the moment they ripped the lid off Atlantic City.  No one was prepared for what Phish was going to bust open next.  Busting into a heady Chalk Dust Torture, everyone around me was dancing, smiling, same old, same old….and then we heard it. At first, it was interwoven into CDT, my friends catching it almost immediately.  It was impossible not to recognize!

The Realization of Zeppelin



The  Whole Lotta Love rift came out of Trey‘s guitar and HOLY SHIT!!!!!!  I generally don’t curse in my articles but HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!  I can’t begin to tell you what the reactions were that occured around me.  There will never be words to describe it.  The videos don’t do it justice, even though the ones below attempt to as their best.  My immediate reaction was a deep breath in and a cough from choking on my breath.  Realizing my immediate crew was jumping sky high, falling forward into the chairs in front of them, one fell into their chair with a gaping mouth.  Throughout the rest of the theater, men around me were screaming like school girls.  Josh almost fell to his knees screaming at the top of his lungs. The entire floor elevated as a unit a few feet off the  ground with fists in the air. Trey himself just dropping his head and we head banged in unison. All around me I heard: “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!!”  and “OH MY GOOOOD”  Trey vocals kinda sucked through the single verse he sang but who the hell was complaining. This was amazing.

When I heard the cords to Whole Lotta Love starting I felt like I would have to be peeled off of the roof of Boardwalk Hall, I jumped so high to high five Goldy and screamed out in joy. ~ Josh R.

OMG!!!  And from there it was just wide open into a 2 minute Phish original Ha Ha Ha followed by a shredding James Gang‘s Walk Away.  GO TREY!!! 

I loved them and the nostalgia it gave me; the feelings & emotion it provided – and the energy that ensued. You can’t argue with 14,000 people bugging out in surprise and all that emotion. ~ Rob A.

And on and on it went like that all night from Heartbreaker to Ramble On to Thank You to Stairway (OMG HOLY COW) and finally to Good Times Bad Times with Tweezeresque jams painting the corners of the jams. HOLY SHIT!!!! Jimmy Page would definitely enjoy it. ~ Josh R.

Photo by Dave Vann

Photo by Dave Vann

People around me were in tears. I wonder how many, if any, fainted? It was one of those musical moments where the Phish die-hards were just exploding to my left and right.  High energy abounded and there was no stopping the four musicians on stage.  Trey, always being one to feed off his audience, kept things 110% in the zone of RAGE as they continued with the ever vocal, funky Wolfman’s Brother into Undermind into Bathtub Gin.

Gosh, that song [Bathtub Gin] makes me so happy ~ Ali G.

Bathtub Gin was ridiculous. Got to love Page on the keys.  Trey‘s guitar work is so tight.  The Whole Lotta Love tease at the end was cute. Because at this point, we have no idea where things are going. The Squirming Coil concluded the first set with it’s swift heartbeat making our hips shake to the last note.

Photo by Dave Vann

Photo by Dave Vann


The second set was fire.  Tube into Possum blasted open the second set with Trey’s shredding guitar stylings and screams that encouraged us to get pumped.  Chris Kuroda‘s lights mimicking the title, made me feel like I was at the circus for some reason.  He continued helping elevate the music ever so gently in the most psychedelic way.

I love Possum. It breathes a bit of country into their repertoire. Bluesy, country-vibe with funky undertones with another Whole Lotta Love tease thrown in.  Gets your toes moving. It also allows for Trey to open up and the glow-sticks burst are always visible.

Rumors about tomorrow’s music were squashed as Phish unloaded an arsenal of Zeppelin covers upon an unsuspecting, eager audience. Tweezer started it off. And then ZEPPLIN RAGE!!!  Heartbreaker into Ramble On into Thank You into Stairway to Heaven. Some hellacious guitar jams by Trey, Mike‘s bass thumping in my ear, Kuroda‘s lights into Hearthbreaker was intense.  Ramble On into Thank You. After Stairway to Heaven we hear a “Happy Halloween! See you all next year.” WHAT?  But Trey was just enjoying this whole TRICK situation that was going on. Sadly, he got me! I turned to Josh who just smiled at me

The Led Zeppelin songs on the 30th were incredible to so many of us and in the moment, I was on the verge of so many emotions. The excitement was overwhelming. The Ramble On brought me back to Alpine ’98 when they opened the show with it. That opening line from “Thank You” where Trey said: “if mountains crumble to the sea, there still would be you and me”…made me think of my love and dedication to this incredible band that only gets more intense as the years roll by. Then the closing line of Stairway to Heaven was dream come true and the energy from the guitar jam at the end.” ~ Erika V.

Photo By Nick Nifia

Photo By Nick Nifia

Heartbreak, Thank You and Stairway to Heaven were all Phish debuts so I’ve heard.  Not only was this AWESOME, but it blew the Musical Costume rumor of Led Zeppelin OUT OF THE WATER.

Every year on Halloween, Phish puts on a MUSICAL COSTUME by playing a full album of another band from beginning to end. I had never heard of this before. Apparently, phanatics theorize for months which album might be chosen by playing games or trying to figure out the clues sometimes dropped by Phish.  So, this year, everyone and their mother was calling for Led Zeppelin, some were calling Genesis.  If that is what it took to get Phish to play Zeppelin tonight AND basically telling us that we were not getting Zeppelin for Halloween, then hellz yeah! Sadly, this would be the final Musical Costume Phish would be putting on for at least a few years.

I agree with most phans when I say that Saturday night was the better of the three shows. They gave the crowd what they wanted and got the “led out”. They teased us, then laughed at us!!! (Ha, Ha, Ha) Then gave it to us good!! The crowd’s energy was at a peak that night. ~ Jessica B.

With every realization of the next Led Zeppelin rift/song, the crowd got more elevated. And then Phish brought back the old school jams with some new school tightness. Riding the energy of the Tweezeppelin rage, they tied into Halley’s Comet, another song I really like.   I imagine this would be Bobby McFarrin‘s Phish song of choice.

2001/ Also Sprach Zarathustra & David Bowie followed with a sober bring down to start.  I think everyone was still riding on the Zeppelin wave.  I am trying so hard to remember anything after the Zeppelin rage.  Man! My friend’s and I using this quiet time to rave about what just happened. David Bowie brought forth a pretty gnarly off-the grid jam from the boys. For a moment I thought I had missed a transition into another song…nope.

Show of Life, a newer song that has people split as to whether or not they like it due to it’s slower nature and poppy sound.  I like it. I love it’s message.  The lights WERE GORGEOUS!!!!  Chris Kuroda, once again stealing the spot lights, as it were 🙂 This song may be a bit cheesy to some but it’s melody and notes bring a little tear to my eyes almost every time.  It’s a bit spiritual for this little lady.  I didn’t care for the sloppy ending of this version but it never ceases to lift my spirits and make me feel a bit closer to the people surrounding me.

Nothing could take the place in my heart of the darker Jones Beach version of Backwards Down the Number Line I was lucky enough to catch at the end of this last Summer tour.  Here is yet another song that I notice my friends using to take time to use the rest room or sit and have a little chat with those next to them.  It’s another song I love though.  It’s pretty. I love the lyrics.  I love Trey’s solo jams.  A quirky little take on birthday love and friendship.  Be sure to check out the lights in the video – I can’t pug Chris Kuroda enough it seems.  He really does make the entire show for me.  The use of his lights, his color choices, all delivered to enhance our experiences.

Happy happy oh my friend
Blow out candles once again
Leave the presents all inside
Take my hand and let’s take a ride

Backwards Down The Number Line cascaded into Good Times Bad Times. YES!! Let’s end on a FREAKING ZEPPELIN RAGE ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I dare try to explain the rage that ensued? Let’s just say, no one could get enough of Phish playing Zeppelin on this night.  People’s minds were blown.  And the fact that my wonderful boyfriend sang these lovely lyrics directly to me almost on his knees was a personal wonderful touch to a wonderful evenings.

I don’t care what the neighbors say, I’m gonna love you each and every day.
You can feel the beat within my heart.
Realize, sweet babe, we ain’t ever gonna part.

People, this is why you go to all three nights and not just Halloween. You never know when Phish is going to bust out the crazy shit!” ~ Erika V.

Photo by Dave Vann

Photo by Dave Vann

Saturday Setlist

Set 1: Kill Devil Falls, Cavern > Foam, Guelah Papyrus, Chalk Dust Torture > Whole Lotta Love > Chalk Dust Torture, Ha Ha Ha, Walk Away, Wolfman’s Brother > Undermind > Bathtub Gin, The Squirming Coil

Set 2: Tube > Possum > Tweezer > Heartbreaker > Ramble On > Thank You -> Tweezer > Stairway to Heaven, Halley’s Comet > Also Sprach Zarathustra > David Bowie, Show of Life, Backwards Down the Number Line > Good Times Bad Times

E: Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise

“With Phish it’s different. Phish is so amazing on so many levels. Phish to me is all the music of my life’s favorite music, Classic Jam Rock and Roll, done in a modern way but, totally grounded in the roots of the music I love. I love their originals very much, but a night of Zeppelin covers like that just wins for me.” ~ Josh R.

“Well, I guess they won’t be playing Zepp on Halloween”.

Lions, and Tigers and Bears!

Lions, and Tigers and Bears!

Marco Benevento & Friends @ Trump Plaza

Jazz Swank at his best!

Jazz Swank at his best!

Being an ivory-aholic, I was all set for Marco Benevento & Friends once Phish was over.  However, coming from such a guitar heavy performance, there were a lot of skeptics as to whether Marco Benevento would be able to keep the energy pumping until 4am.

The Bennovento set was a nice relaxing set to hang and chill with friends. He is very good, if only he would hire a jamming guitarist, it would really be awesome. ~ Josh R.

We took our time strolling through the Boardwalk, checking out all the posters and artwork along the way. The the show started at 11pm, costing $25 a pop.  We arrived around 12:30-1am I believe. Who can really tell at this point, we were all in la la land!! It proved to be a wonderful night of mingling with our friends who had come in earlier that morning but that we couldn’t find in the sea of 14,000 a few hours earlier.  These after parties truly were a great way to catch up with the masses.

Photo by J.R.

Photo by J.R.

Walking into the venue, the scene was set for what appeared to be a pretty raging time.  The lights were definitely more psychedelic then I had thought they would be.  Marco Benevento, whose hair was all chopped off was sitting at his piano and going OFF!!  Due to the hair cut and the fact that his back was too us, I actually asked someone if that was him.  Why did he have to cut his hair 😦

Photo by J.R.

Photo by J.R.

Bear = Marc Friedman

Bear = Marc Friedman

Along side Marco Benevento this evening was drummer Billy Martin of Martin, Medeski and Wood and Marc Friedman, currently of Surprise Me Mr. Davis but more known for The Slip rounded out the trio on electric bass.  This was a hot trip here ladies and gentleman.  And they gave us EXACTLY what we needed. Thrown in among the jazzy standards and Marco originals like Greenpoint they delivered covers by Elton John, Michael Jackson and more. This was not your typical Marco show IMHO and I was terribly sad to not see tapers in the venue.

Marco and his friends had embraced the holiday season with a cute twist to their costumes. Sitting at the base of Marco‘s piano was a stuffed Lion’s head.  Resting inside Billy Martin‘s bass drum was a Tiger head and Marc Friedman himself was wearing a bear hat with fuzzy ears.  Lions & Tigers’ and Bears.  How dang cute!

***Currently awaiting a response from the band for thier setlist and or recordings…cross your fingers***

Goodnight/Good Morning?

The entire night, NO!!…The ENTIRE DAY was a high energy, completely addictive occurrence that makes one sit back and wonder who the HELL we are supposed to drop these amazing adventures and dare to go back to the “real world” of our 9 to 5.  How do we go back to our daily lives of being teachers and doctors and lawyers and look our co workers in the eye knowing that their lives will never quite as exciting as ours. We live in a BEAUTIFUL world and what we were delivered tonight might be as close to Jam Cruise as many will obtain with the sense of community and layout of Atlantic City.

For others, well, I will let my dearest friend Josh spell it out for ya:

I love their originals very much, but a night of Zeppelin covers like that just wins for me. I heard a few folks talking about Saturday nights show and what it meant to them, and to me I might add. People were saying that while it was not at all the same as seeing Led Zeppelin, for some of us, it was as close as we could come, not because the music is played the same, but because of how well they play it, combined with how happy and high on life Phish just makes us.

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November 2010 Music Calendar

November 2010 Potential Show Run Down

Calendar updated daily!

Monday, Novemeber 1st, 2010

  • ($12-$18) Marco Benevento (Solo Piano) @ City Winery
  • ($25) Mingus Orchestra @ Jazz Standard
  • ($50) The Black Crowes @ Nokia Theater Times Square

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

  • (Free) Dred Scott Trio @ Rockwood Music Hall (Midnight set)
  • ($50) The Black Crowes @ Nokia Theater Times Square

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

  • ($10) The Headhunters @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($15) Bedouin Soundclash @ Le Poisson Rouge
  • ($34-$45) Preservation Hall @ City Winery
  • ($36.75) Boys Like Girls @ Irving Plaza
  • ($50) The Black Crowes @ Nokia Theater Times Square
  • ($70-$270) Robert Water’s The Wall @ Izod Center, NJ

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

  • ($14) Daedelus & Gaslamp Killer @ Le Poisson Rouge
  • ($30-$45) Bob Mould @ City Winery
  • ($50) The Black Crowes @ Nokia Theater Times Square
  • ($70-$270) Robert Water’s The Wall @ Izod Center, NJ

Friday, November 5th, 2010

  • ($10) Rubblebucket, Pimps of Joytime, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds @ Highline Ballroom
  • ($10-$12) BR and Timebomb @ Canal Room
  • ($15) Tristan Prettyman @ Bowery Ballroom
  • ($15) Blues Traveler & The Cringe @Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($20) Shawn Mullins & Daniel Wayne @ Le Poisson Rouge
  • ($20) Bonerama Residency with John Kimock
  • ($30-$45) Bob Mould @ City Winery
  • ($50) The Black Crowes @ Nokia Theater Times Square
  • ($51) Interpol @ United Palace Theater

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

  • (Free) West African Band @ St. Nicks, Harlem (late night)
  • ($10) Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons @ Sullivan Hall
  • ($15) Blues Traveler & The Cringe @Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($15 – $20) Son Of Bill @ Mercury Lounge
  • ($20) Bob Mould @ The Rock Shop
  • ($27.50 – $35) Bassnectar @ Terminal 5
  • ($40) Patti Smith: Khubilai Khan @ Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium / MMOA
  • ($50) The Black Crowes @ Nokia Theater Times Square
  • ($92 – $278) Robert Water’s The Wall @ Izod Center, NJ

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

  • ($30) Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys @ B.B. Kings

Monday, November 8th, 2010

  • ($8) Jim Campilongo @ The Living Room
  • ($25) Mingus Orchestra @ Jazz Standard
  • ($31) Bonobo @ Webster Hall

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

  • (Free) Dred Scott Trio @ Rockwood Music Hall (Midnight set)
  • ($15) One Eskimo @ Highline Ballroom
  • ($20) The London Souls @ Rocks Off Cruise
  • ($48 – $56) Joshua Redman w/ Brad Mehldau & The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra @ Zankel Hall

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

  • (?$$?) Bon Jovi @ Best Buy Theater
  • ($10) Scrapomatic @ Southpaw
  • ($14) Anat Cohen Quartet @ Littlefield
  • ($30) Sara Bareilles @ Webster Hall
  • ($46-$115) Experience Hendrix @ Beacon Theater

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

  • ($10-$15) Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds Record Release Party w/ Special Guests @ Sullivan Hall
  • ($10-$15) Trouble & Bass @ Santos House Party
  • ($15) Toots and the Maytals @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($19) The Infamous Stringdusters and Trampled By Turtles @ Bowery Ballroom
  • ($38.75) Robert Earl Keen @ Terminal 5

Friday, November 12th, 2010

  • (FREE) Mark Guiliana @ Rockwood Music Hall
  • (FREE) Dynamo & Badnutbeats w/ Higher Nebulae & MUN @ Spike Hill
  • ($10) Melvin Sparks @ Blue Note (12:30 late night slot)
  • ($20) Autumn Defense and Johnny Irion & Sarah Guthrie @ Le Poisson Rouge
  • ($20) Bonerama w/ Terence Higgins (Dirty Doz Brass Band) & Jonathan Batiste @ Sullivan Hall
    • w/ opening acts: Ikebe Shakedown/ Timbre Coup/ Bearquarium
  • ($22.50) Rusted Root w/ Assembly of Dust @ Best Buy Theater
  • ($25) ASIA Featuring JOHN PAYNE – Unplugged @ B.B. Kings
  • ($20- $116) New York Philharmonic @ Carnegie Hall (Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage)
  • ($30-$40) Slick Rick @ B.B. Kings
  • ($87-$100) Dave Matthews Band w/ John Butler Trio @ Madison Square Garden
  • ($91 – $328) 30th John Lennon Tribute: A Benefit For Playing For Change @ Beacon Theater

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

  • (Free) West African Band @ St. Nicks, Harlem
  • ($7) Afro Funky Party w/ Zongo Junction, Top Shotta & DJ Offbeat @ Cameo Gallery
  • ($10) Greensky Bluegrass @ Southpaw
  • ($10-$12) The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band @ Mercury Lounge
  • ($20- $116) New York Philharmonic @ Carnegie Hall (Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage)
  • ($30) Robert Randolph & the Family Band @ Terminal 5
  • ($76) John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension @ Town Hall
  • ($87-$100) Dave Matthews Band w/ John Butler Trio @ Madison Square Garden

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

  • ($10) Marcus Randolph & The In Crowd (Mbrs of Robert Randolph & Family Band) @ Europa
  • ($20- $116) New York Philharmonic @ Carnegie Hall (Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage)
  • ($28-$40) Medeski Martin & Wood @ Tarrytown Music Hall
  • ($25-$35) Allen Toussaint, Nicholas Payton & The Joe Krown Trio @ Lehman College, CUNY: Lehman Center for the Performing Arts
  • ($46) Sufjan Stevens @ Beacon Theater

Monday, November 15th, 2010

  • ($8) Jim Campilongo @ The Living Room
  • ($15) Jimmy Herring of Widespread Panic & Jamie McLean @ Highline Ballroom
  • ($15) Undead Jazz: Charlier Hunter Trio / Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music @ Le Poisson Rouge
  • ($25) Jay-Z @ New York Public Library (A Forum)??
  • ($25) Mingus Orchestra @ Jazz Standard
  • ($46) Sufjan Stevens @ Beacon Theater

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

  • (Free) Dred Scott Trio @ Rockwood Music Hall (Midnight set)
  • (Free) Mark Guiliana @ Fordham University
  • ($25) Sheila Jordan’s 82nd Birthday Celebration with Steve Kuhn @ Jazz Standard
  • ($72) Kings of Leon @ Madison Square Garden

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

  • ($25) Daniel Lanois’ Black Dub @ Bowery Ballroom
  • ($25) Sheila Jordan’s 82nd Birthday Celebration with Steve Kuhn @ Jazz Standard
  • ($26) Peter Rowan + The Steep Canyon Rangers @ B.B. Kings
  • ($30) John Brown’s Body & The Expendables @ Gramercy Theater
  • ($35) Radiators @ Sullivan Hall
  • ($30-$48) Cassandra Wilson with special guest Ravi Coltrane @ Blue Note (2 seperate sets)

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

  • (??) Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings @ Brooklyn Bowl (as per Jambase)
  • ($35) Radiators @ Sullivan Hall

Friday, November 19th, 2010

  • (Free until midnight then $15) Dj Nutritious @ Cielo
  • ($12-$15) Eoto and D.V.S. @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($20) Bonerama w/ Steve Kimock & Kyle Hollingsworth @ Sullivan Hall
  • ($57) Ani Defranco @ Townhall

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

  • (Free) West African Band @ St. Nicks, Harlem
  • ($10) Reflections: Late Night FURTHUR Aftershow – PURE JERRY GARCIA TRIBUTE (11:59pm set)
  • ($10-$12) The New Mastersounds @ The Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($15) Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad @ Mercury Lounge
  • ($25-$45) ROSWELL RUDD’s Trombone Tribe with Steve Swell, Deborah Weisz, Bob Stewart, Ken Filiano and Barry Altschul @ City Winery
  • ($36.50) Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes @ B.B. Kings
  • ($40) Revolution of Soul Feat. Maceo Parker and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe @ Irving Plaza
  • ($50) Bill Frisell’s Disfarmer Project @ The Concert Hall
  • ($57) Ani Difranco @ Townhall
  • ($60-$70) Futhur @ Radio City Music Hall

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

  • (Free) McLovins @ Brooklyn Bowl
    • Second Set Features Tom Marshall (writer/lyricist for Phish) and Anthony Krizan
  • ($10-$12) The New Mastersounds @ The Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($10-$12) American Babies @ Ace of Clubs (Late night show @ 11:30)
  • ($60-$70) Futhur @ Radio City Music Hall

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

  • ($8) Jim Campilongo @ The Living Room
  • ($8-$10) Talib Kweli @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($25) Mingus Orchestra @ Jazz Standard
  • ($40) Aimee Mann @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • ($65) Bob Dylan @ Terminal 5
  • ($117)Another One For Woody Featuring The Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule & The North Mississippi Allstars @ Roseland Ballroom ~ WE GOT OUR TICKETS!!!

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

  • (Free) Dred Scott Trio @ Rockwood Music Hall (Midnight set)
  • (Free) Jason Linder Trio @ Rockwood Music Hall
  • ($30-$40) Joanna Newsom @ Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage (Carnigie Hall)
  • ($65) Bob Dylan @ Terminal 5

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

  • ($65) Bob Dylan @ Terminal 5
  • ($43-$90) Paul Oakenfold / Roger Sanchez / Sidney Samson @ Roseland Ballroom

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

  • ($15-$20) U-Melt Final Show @ Highline Ballroom
    • w/ The Heavy Pets and more

Friday, November 26th, 2010

  • ($12.25) Turbine @ Mercury Lounge
  • ($15) JJ Grey & Mofro Ryan Montbleau Band @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($33) State Radio and The London Souls @ Terminal 5
  • ($50 – $100) Levon Helm Band with special guest Steve Earle @ Beacon Theater

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

  • (Free) West African Band @ St. Nicks, Harlem
  • ($12.50-$70) Arlo Guthrie @ Carnegie Hall
  • ($15) JJ Grey & Mofro Ryan Montbleau Band @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($20) Ben Kweller @ The Rock Shop
  • ($37-$87) New York Philharmonic: Mozart, Haydn, and Tchaikovsky@ Avery Fisher Hall (Saturday Matinee)
  • ($50 – $100) Levon Helm Band with special guest Steve Earle @ Beacon Theater

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

  • ($107-$145) Michael Bublé @ Radio City Music Hall

Monday, November 29th, 2010

  • ($8) Jim Campilongo @ The Living Room
  • ($25) Mingus Orchestra @ Jazz Standard
  • ($25) Matisyahu @ Brooklyn Bowl

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

  • ($20-$35) John Scofield and Rooben Ford @ The Blue Note
  • ($27.50) Leon Russel @ B.B. Kings – CANCELED!!!
  • ($28-$40) John Hammond @ City Winery
  • ($30) Gil-Scott Heron @ B.B Kings
  • ($40) Matisyahu @ Williamsburg Music Hall

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Stephen Chopek (aka SodaCan) lives and works as a musician and artist in Jersey City, NJ. He is a multi-instrumentalist and self-taught artist. His work explores the connections that exist in the process of creating music and visual art.

Chopek’s music is the sum of many parts – what he terms audio collage. Individual elements are both created by the artist and sampled from previously existing sources. They are then gathered, categorized, arranged, dissected, deconstructed, sliced, diced, manipulated, repeated, rearranged, recycled, reused, and molded into original compositions.

SodaCan = Stephen Chopek

SodaCan = Stephen Chopek

He also applies the collage technique to visual art and poetry. Chopek’s mixed media works take readily accessible materials and found objects out of their original contexts and reshapes them into new compositions.

Chopek began studying drum set and classical percussion at a young age. While performing with William Patterson University‘s percussion ensemble, he pursued his interest in composers such as Steve Reich, John Cage, and Edgar Varèse. Later, Chopek furthered his studies with drummer Billy Martin of Medeski Martin and Wood and percussionist Leon Parker.

As a drummer, Stephen has toured the world and recorded with Charlie Hunter, John Mayer, Marc Broussard, Jesse Malin, The Alternate Routes, and many others.  He maintains a busy performing and recording schedule while spreading the word about SodaCan to new audiences.

For free downloads, visual art, and more information, please visit the SodaCan website at www.SodaCanSodaCan.com

As well, Stephen will be joining The Sullivan Street Shakedown with Mikey Beatz & Zoe Wilder on June 19, 2010 at Sullivan Hall.  Please join us 🙂

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