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Soulive: Photograph Courtesy of Calabro Music

Soulive: Photograph Courtesy of Calabro Music

Bowlive V: Night IV – Soulive feat. Jon Cleary and John Scofield @ The Brooklyn Bowl (03.18.14)

As the members of Soulive settled in over the years, their Brooklyn Bowl based annual residency, Bowlive, has became as institutional as the music itself. During the first week, the audience was privileged enough to enjoy the musical styling of vocalists Nigel Hall and Nicki Bluhm, turntablist DJ Logic, rocking guitarists Warren Haynes and Eddie Roberts, legendary bassist George Porter, Jr., and house band, The Shady Horns. Full band performances and collaborations by Leroy Justice and The London Souls added to the marvel. Every song sailed down the middle of the stage, rolled by the trio with the consistency of a pro bowler. This consistency, of course, has been the key to Soulive’s longevity.

“When Soulive hit the stage, I was surprised at how they constantly matched the energy from the previous nights. I’m always reminded of the 80’s power trio bands that filled a room with just three musicians and am amazed how these guys do it. A modern day jazz/funk power trio like no other.” ~ R.G.

Commencing with their second week of Bowlive V, Neal Evans, Alan Evans and Eric Krasno have put together another long list of talented musicians to keep us satiated for the remaining five nights. Over the next few evenings our musical senses will be overloaded with the likes of Joe Russo, Susan Tedeschi, Jon Cleary, Bill Evans, Alan Evans Trio, DMC (of Run DMC), Marco Benevento, Sonya Kitchell, and WOLF! Featuring Scott Metzger. You can also count on some surprise guests.

For night IV, Soulive made all the right moves, showering the audience in musical genius, making sure no one would regret coming out on a Tuesday night. With Jon Cleary and John Scofield as the special guests last night, it was the perfect kick-off for the second week. And what a kick-off it was. It was truly stimulating. Soulive and their guests performed one long extended set with Jon Cleary opening to a packed house at 8:30pm.

“Notes from the front line, my first encounter with Bowlive! Thank you Soulive and Brooklyn Bowl for making our first Brooklyn Bowl/Bowlive experience a very memorable one. From the moment we arrived, we were welcomed by the staff and had a great pre-show dinner, followed by the acquisition of the highly coveted John Warner Bowlive poster, which are limited to 15 posters per evening. After seeing some fellow Pittsburghers and Jam Cruisers, we secured our spots on the platform area with a killer view of the stage.” ~ M.M & L.M.

Jon Cleary Set
I Feel So Damn Good I’ll Be Glad When I Get the Blues
Cheating On You
When You Get Back, We Gonna Cha Cha All Night Long
The Crave (an emotionally complex piece.)
I Get The Blues When It Rains
Unknown (Boogie Woogie Tune)

Phone Capture Courtesy By Rob Mishaan

Phone Capture Courtesy By Rob Mishaan

The venue was packed with devoted music fans. This wasn’t your average audience who was there to drink and chat it up with their friends. Almost every eye was fixated on the stage as Jon Cleary opened the night with a solo piano set showcasing his vested studies in the music of New Orleans. Having moved from Kent, England to study the music of New Orleans, Jon Cleary is arguably the best out there right now. A disciple of Professor Long Hair and James Booker, Cleary’s voice is salty-sweet and he is a master of the piano, organ and guitar. You may know him best as a member of Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal‘s bands and his own group, Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen. With his blend of jazz, blues, soul, gospel, and honky-tonk, Cleary epitomizes New Orleans music. His set was evidence of his extreme caliber of musical knowledge.

Jon Cleary started the night of music off right, as I was immediately intrigued by his silky smooth voice and Deniro-esque looks. His “Big Easy” style was quite a cover for his British heritage. This new musical discovery for me had me Googling his discography this morning to see what else I could find out about this man!” ~ M.M. & L.M.

“Having just booked our trip to Nola for jazziest the night before I could not have asked for a better punctuation. Watching Jon Cleary play keys in such classic New Orleans style blew us away. I could only wonder if Neal Evans was peeking down the stairs to watch this guy.” ~ R.G.

Set I
Come Together
One in 7
For Granted
What You See Is What You Get
Something’s Got A Hold on Me
Motherless Child
Walk With Me
Don’t Need No Doctor
Turn It Out

Encore: Get Back

Last night, there wasn’t three sets or even two sets, there was one long extended set which ended promptly at midnight. Soulive, The Shady HornsJon Cleary and John Scofield would command the stage with various genres of blues and jazz, filling every second of the evening with prodigious music. The set started out with the members of Soulive performing “Shaheed,” The Beatles‘ tune, “Come Together,” and “One in 7.” During “Come Together,” the audience sang along with heads bobbing and the stage lights flashing, while “One in 7” was played with a delightful intro. It was also during this time that there was some malfunction with Neal’s keyboards. Times like these can break a musical moment but Alan Evans picked up the slack by drumming his heart out while the chords on his brother’s rig were being fixed. When the audience heard the rejuvenation of the bass keys, it was on!

“Upon completion of Jon Cleary‘s set, Soulive took the stage, embracing me with their soul soothing sounds and reminding me that Neal Evans is a true bad-ass! Watching him lay down those bass lines with his left hand as his right hand plays the Hammond chords was literal music to my ears! The Beatles‘ cover “Come Together” got the crowd singing along, but you could see the anxious anticipation for the arrival of John Scofield, who was the special guest of the evening. Having the pleasure of watching such musical prowess and interplay in such close proximity was truly a treat.” ~ M.M.

“For Granted” and “Cannonball” were both played with the help of The Shady Horns. Ryan Zoidis (baritone/alto saxophone), Eric “Benny” Bloom (trumpet) and James Casey (alto saxophone/percussion) always bring a special vibe to the stage when they join Soulive. As much as they is a respected jazz trio, their vested interest in funk runs deep. The audience is blessed to have a horn ensemble in the mix of some of their favorite jazz tunes. “For Granted” was a wonderful showcase for the widely talented Ryan Zoidis, while James Casey absolutely stole the show with his performance on “Cannonball.” Eric Bloom took his liberties with his pedals and effects during his solo, as well.  These two songs were meant to showcase The Shady Horns and boy, did they deliver.

The Shady Horns were dead on, once again. Eric Bloom‘s effects-enhanced solos and James Casey killed it, as always, while Ryan continues to be the mainstay. Gonna get some more rest today so I can get back there tonight with Tedeschi!!!” ~ R.G.

The eyes say so much, and they speak even louder when a musician closes his eyes and is fully immersed in song. This happened to Krasno throughout the remainder of the set. When Scofield came on the stage, Krasno was in a blissed-out state of being, eyes closed, in total focus. “What You See Is What You Get,” a major hit for the Dramatics in 1971, is Scofield’s interpretation of Detroit soul music.  The beautiful thing about John Scofield is that even though he covers many old tunes, the arrangements are all his own. “Nealization,” obviously composed by Neal Evans, was a fantastic representation of his talent. Scofield played lead guitar while Krasno played rhythm. The entire crew on stage was grinning from ear to ear while the ax-men played off each other, trading delicious licks on their guitars.

“I have been a fan of John Scofield since the first time I saw him at The Bottom Line in NYC in 1980. I always mark this night as a must go. Even having stayed home from work sick, I got the energy up to get there. I was not disappointed!!! It is so obvious that Kraz uses Sco as a mentor and has used him as one of his many inspirations. As it is equally obvious how Sco is impressed with Kraz. There dueling solos blew the entire audience away. Sco has a way of making his guitar sing.” ~ R.G.

“Can someone explain to me how Neal Evans solos on keys with Soulive while also dropping funky bass? Meanwhile, I can’t even rub my tummy and tap my head at the same time…” ~ K.S.

“Neal Evans is the most underrated bass player in music. His right hand gets so funky, we forget his left is leading us to the promise land.” ~ J.S.

The next two songs were songs off John Scofield‘s latest album release, Piety Street. The Rev. James Cleveland cover, “Something’s Got A Hold On Me,” was first but it was “Motherless Child,” a traditional negro spiritual born out of slavery and sung by Cleary with sharp new harmonies, that grabbed the audience’s attention. 

“When I heard “Motherless Child,” I almost didn’t recognize it. I recognized that I was hearing the words of a song I knew but the arrangement was so different from the versions I’d previously heard.  I am aging myself by saying this but I remember the first time I ever heard that song. I was just 15 years old. It is the hidden song within Track 11 off the Cracked Rear View album by Hootie and The Blowfish. Y’all remember that? Darius Rucker sings the song in it’s traditional A-Capella style. It was as beautiful to back then as it was now, hearing it in this new style and arrangement. I adore when modern musicians take classic songs and make them their own.” ~ K.D.

“One of my favorite moments of the evening, was when the stage was packed with everyone on the bill, Soulive, The Shady Horns, Scofield and Clearly as they played a tune that featured three part harmonies of Alan EvansJon Cleary and Eric “Benny” Bloom. I look forward to finding that show on Archive.org to relive that moment and sing along with them!” ~ M.M.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Dershowitz

Photo Courtesy of Mark Dershowitz

Then, the jazz/organ trio pulled a new maneuver out of their Bowlive bag of tricks. Jon Cleary and John Scofield remained on stage, while Soulive and The Shady Horns exited. This would be the first time in Bowlive history where the band allowed the stage to be commanded solely by the guests. It was not a coincidence that Jon Cleary and John Scofield were the two guests playing on the bill last night. Cleary is not only renowned for his ability to play the ivories, but he also composes music and went on to write and join John Scofield on the the road singing and playing with Scofield’s Piety Street Band. Needless to say, the combination of the two artists performing their song, “Walk With Me,” was electrifying and unique. Cleary sat back and watched as Scofield took a few measures for himself before joining in the song.

Through great applause, John Scofield leaned into the microphone. Referring to Cleary, he says, “This guy can play a mean piano but did you know he is an amazing guitarist, as well?” With that, Cleary jumped from the keys and moved to guitar while Krasno picked up the bass for “Don’t Need No Doctor.” Scofield continued, “John Mayer used to sing this song, but you should hear Cleary sing this song.” The audience laughed. The horns had left the stage but James Casey remained playing percussion. Casey is an amazing horn player but his talent by way of understanding sounds in percussion has grown exponentially since we saw him last year at Bowlive IV.  During the song, Scofield could be seen bouncing around, pointing to the next member on stage he wanted to pull a solo.

“I want to say that my highlight was “What You See Is What You Get,” “Nealization” or “Hottentot,” but honestly I had two highlights. (1) Cleary killing it on guitar with Kraz killing it on Bass, and (2) Scofield directing traffic. Maybe it’s an elder statesman thing, but the respect that guy engenders on stage is impressive. He was absolutely in charge and was clearly enjoying going tit for tat with everyone. I especially loved when [John Scofield] made a point to give Alan some play time, because, give the drummer some! Am I right? All in all, just a beast of a show. I fucking love Bowlive.”  ~ B.M.

Jon Cleary‘s turn was up and he retired backstage. The Shady Horns were also held back as Soulive and John Scofield played, “Turn It Out.” This was the time for all the jazz heads to revel in the genre. As much as Soulive likes to give us the funk, jazz is their priority and their growing reputation on this musical path is what has brought them this far. Scofield’s reputation in the Jazz community runs deeper and Krasno’s idolization of Scofield’s style is evident in how Krasno, himself, plays. So you can imagine how equally graceful and intense this part of the set was.

“Seeing two guitar gods trade licks was invigorating, and truly impressive at the same time, as you could see the admiration that Krasno has for Scofield as they both played their hearts out! It was ON, for sure!! “Turn It Out” brought back some great musical memories for me, as I harkened back to a January 2003 Soulive show that took place in an Italian restaurant in the tiny mountain town of Makawao, HI on the island of Maui. It reinforced the fact that we made a great decision to make the trek for our first Bowlive and it’s got me jazzed looking forward to what I’ll get to experience tonight! Thank you Eric, Alan and Neal!! You and your friends bring me musical delight!” ~ M.M.

We love you madly,” said Scofield, “This one is a groover, called ‘Hottentot,’ so let’s keep dancing.” And dance we did. The venue never emptied out like in previous nights and this was a true testament to the musicianship on stage. Like I mentioned previously, this wasn’t your average audience of bar goers. There were super fans in the audience for each of the artists on stage and they were there in full support all night. Alan Evans was featured on a rousing drum solo during “Hottentot.”  He is honestly one of the best jazz drummers around and the audience was overheard speaking on how they were looking forward to the Alan Evans Trio opening for Bowlive on night six.

Everyone was brought back on stage for the single-song encore, “Get Back.” A Beatles‘ tune, it was expertly played by the musicians on stage, having all worshiped the Beatles at some point in their musical careers.  The audience was invested as well and sang along with bodies bouncing. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful collaboration of musicians.


Tonight, Jon Cleary will return with special guests jazz saxophonist Bill Evans, acclaimed Brooklyn drummer Joe Russo and southern vocalist and guitarist Susan Tedeschi. 


List of Special Guests and Openers:



SATURDAY MARCH 15 – Special Guest: GEORGE PORTER JR. feat. a special LONDON SOULIVE joint set

Opener & Special Guest: JON CLEARY

Opener & Special Guest: JON CLEARY


FRIDAY MARCH 21 – Special Guest: Marco Benevento, Sonya Kitchell, Roosevelt Collier, Felix Pastorius, Oteil & Kofi Burbridge, and Brandon Niederauer

SATURDAY MARCH 22 – Special Guest: Bill Evans and more TBA
Opener: WOLF! Featuring Scott Metzger

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Tedeschi/Trucks Band (Photo by Suzy Perler)

Tedeschi/Trucks Band (Photo by Suzy Perler)

One of the most beautiful things about music is its ability to connect to us on so many levels.  There is the connection between the audience and the musicians; we love them, we hate them, we worship them, we envy them, we listen to them and we critique them.  There is the connection between the musicians on stage as they smile at each other, follow and lead the jam getting lost in the music as we do.  There is a connection to the music through emotions, as the songs make us weep, laugh, get angry, get hyper or sullen. Physically, we dance to the grooves and our connection to the venue and our fellow audience members becomes established as we release our energy onto them.  Finally, the better the group is, the harder, deeper and more intense the connections prove to be.

Tedeschi/Trucks Band (Photo by Suzy Perler)

Tedeschi/Trucks Band (Photo by Suzy Perler)

Derek Trucks (Photo By Dino Perrucci)

Derek Trucks (Photo By Dino Perrucci)

The creation of the Tedeschi/Trucks Band connects very deeply with me on all those levels.  Derek Trucks is my favorite guitarist alive.  When he takes a solo, I many times lose my shit.  He is still the only guitarist who can make me cry in the middle of a rock song, any song for that matter.   Yes, we all know I cry freely when music touches me but no one can get me going as quickly as Derek can.

Susan Tedeschi (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Susan Tedeschi (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Susan Tedeschi is hands down my favorite singer in our scene.  When I broke off my engagement a few years ago, her music/voice played an intense part in my healing process.  Specifically, go check out her cover of Bob Dylan’s “Baby, Don’t Think Twice.”  Tell me you don’t LOVE that song!

I was privileged enough to meet them both on their tour bus at Mountain Jam last year and was able to yet again, build another connection as I thanked them for their music, spoke with them about NY living and just hung with them as “regular” people, not the famous musicians I had come to love and worship after finding their talent in 2000.

Susan and Derek (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Susan and Derek (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

At the end of the day, the beauty of this group lies in its greatest connection: LOVE.  Love is the deepest connection two people can have.  Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks are married.  A connection so great and built on love’s foundation.  As well, Derek and Susan chose their line-up wisely, picking from musicians they themselves love and whose talent they feel is outstanding.  When you mix love and music you get The Tedeschi/Trucks Band!

RAGE!!!!!!!!  (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

HE PUT ON HIS RAGE FACE!!!!!!!! (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

The Tedeschi/Trucks Band
Derek Trucks – Guitar
Susan Tedeschi – Guitar & Vocals
Oteil Burbridge – Bass
Kofi Burbridge – Keys & Flute
Tyler Greenwell – Drums
JJ Johnson – Drums
Mike Mattison – Backing Vocals
Mark Rivers – Backing Vocals
Maurice Brown – Trumpet
Kebbi (?)- Saxophone
Unknown – Trombone

The Highline Ballroom was packed! Not surprisingly, the performance had sold out within days of tickets going on sale. The venue withheld the tickets for pick up at the club box office to deter ticket reselling, something I hadn’t dealt with before. There was no opening band and the band took to the stage a little after 8pm to a crazy excited audience.

Oteil Burbirdge (Photo by Suzy Perler)

Oteil Burbirdge (Photo by Suzy Perler)

I’d say that 75% of the audience were 40+ yr old men who needed a fix of their bro-crush from The Allman Brothers Band.  Personally, I wondered how many of these men truly cared about anyone else on stage.  Certainly, The Allman Brother’s fans noticed the amazing Oteil Burbridge  on stage.  I know I did. What a line up.  Oteil’s brother, Kofi, took his rightful place behind the keyboard.

Kofi Burbridge (Photo by Suzy Perler)

Kofi Burbridge (Photo by Suzy Perler)

As all Derek and Susan projects, Mike Mattison was on backup vocals.  Then, there was Mark Rivers, someone who I had never heard of before and I can’t seem to find any information on. Send me a link if you find something! Their voices blended seamlessly with Susan’s but I didn’t really get a full effect from them closer to the end of the performance.

Susan & Derek (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Susan & Derek (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Tyler Greenwell, an alumni of the school of Colonel Bruce Hampton, made himself known on stage throughout the whole night with his thick drumming. Great musicality.  JJ Johnson, the second drummer on stage, was a new name to my ears.  His latest venture has been touring as John Mayer’s drummer.  I’ve always loved John Mayer’s songwriting and lyrics but it stops with his music.  Let’s hope JJ Johnson isn’t as much as a douche as Mr. Mayer like to portray himself.  I am sure he isn’t because only great karma gets you a post within the band of one of these magnificent musicians!

Maurice Brown (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Maurice Brown (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Susan Tedeschi (Photo By Dino Perrucci)

Susan Tedeschi (Photo By Dino Perrucci)

The horn section was good. I want to say out of this world but I couldn’t really feel anything from two out of the three horn players.  Sadly, I can’t find any mention of the names of the horn section either and the only person I recognized on stage was Maurice Brown on trumpet. Maurice was the horn player who throw it down until the encore.  He was the stand out of the horn section as he ripped open his solo on Uptight (video below), as he twirled his trumpet to the beat like a cowboy does a gun and how he got down dancing completely into the groove when the music moved him. He is a pleasure to watch just like Oteil.  Great stage presence.  Each of the musicians on stage were connected to Derek and Susan in some way but I believe Maurice Brown is the only member not to have played with them before.

(Photo by Suzy Perler)

(Photo by Suzy Perler)

Derek Trucks (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Derek Trucks (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Kicking the set off with the instrumental Five Minute Rule, the entire 11-piece ensemble warmed up their instruments and busted out a bit of their chops.  They were just itching to release their music upon us.  They covered epically jamming covers like The Meter’s funky Just Kissed My Baby and Jimi Hendrix’s Manic Depression with Oteil on vocals. At a point in the song, the members on stage back off as Kofi and Oteil were being spotlighted.  My eyes followed Derek and Susan as they sat down on some speakers.  I watched Susan sit down, put her hand on her husband’s leg and smiled deeply into his eyes and mouthed “Hi!”  It was so touching. During the drummer focus at the end of  Stevie Wonder’s Uptight (Outta Sight), both drummers gave us a taste of their talent.  Combined, we were delivered a sense of their sound and sensitivity.

The  group sang a number of songs from their new album, Revolver.  The soulful Love Has Something Else To Say was beautiful. As well, The Derek Trucks Band cover, Midnight in Harlem resonated through the venue as Susan’s emotive vocals carried it away.

Kofi & Susan (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Kofi & Susan (Photo by Suzy Perler)

Sly Stone’s Simple Song brought the absolute heat.  Susan Tedeschi and Mike Mattison’s vocals was sultry and possessive of the energy in the room.  Mattison’s standing out more for this one, however.  Kofi Burbridge brought it up with the keys. Kofi just sounds better every time I hear him.  Sadly, I don’t think I ever heard the flute.  Maurice Brown took the best solo of the night from the horn players yet again, destroying the funky rock song with a huge jazz0filled solo.  And behind it all, Oteil’s bass line could be heard solid and full of get down funky.  They killed this song!!!

Maurice Brown (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

Maurice Brown (Photo by Dino Perrucci)

The set ended with Herbie Hancock’s Space Captain. Might have been the greatest, most upbeat song of the night!! The spotlight was on Kofi Burbridge as he busted out the intro on keys and was showcased throughout the song in his solos.  Susan’s vocals filled in the rest and the drummers made themselves known. But it wasn’t until Derek Trucks ripped us his solo that I really lost it, weeping openly a few measures in.  Derek Trucks shred our faces off!! Oteil followed me and went, well, nuts.  bouncing all over the stage and dancing with his bass!!  The man is brilliant.   I lost my shit in the second row as I saw the musicians on stage putting on their rager faces and feeling Derek as well. Derek’s ever composed, precise, intense playing makes him one of the world’s greatest guitarist and a master at the slide.  Susan threw her hands up in praise toward him and at that moment Highline Ballroom was Church and Derek Trucks was God!!

Susan & Oteil (Phot By Dino Perrucci)

Susan & Oteil (Phot By Dino Perrucci)

With the ending of such a killer performance they could have gone out on that note and still gotten rave reviews.  KILLER ending to a set but the audience wanted more!!  Before the rest of the band came back to the stage, Kebbi on saxophone player began to rage.  Kebbi ripped right into a hyper jazz solo which eventually was supplemented by JJ Johnson on drums. And yes, he was great! I also gotta say the saxophonist killed that part of the show so I take back what I said about Maurice owning the horn section all night.  Eventually, everyone rejoined and the danceable funky blues song, Bound For Glory, the only song from their new album that is available for download, was the last song played.

The Tedeschi/Trucks band is absolutely brilliant.  Having the past connections of playing with each other behind them, they are way past the rehearsal stage in their third show.  With musicians with never ending talent  and an amazing set list, the night’s performance was a solid treat for the middle of the week.  Listening to this entire set and watching Derek Trucks, I realized that I hadn’t seen him so spirited in a long, LONG time.  His smile was evident throughout the night as was his Rager face!  Susan Tedeschi got me so into the mood that it brought tears to my eyes.  I hadn’t felt this touched by music in a long, long time.

I thought the show/band was great — but with that much talent up there, how could they not be? If I had a criticism, it’s that the show was too short… we want more! ~ Jonathon A.

Derek Trucks (Photo by Suzy Perler)

Derek Trucks (Photo by Suzy Perler)

Five Minute Rule>
Love Has Something Else To Say
Midnight In Harlem
Just Kissed My Baby
Comin’ Home
Till You Remember
Sing A Simple Song
Nobody’s Free
That Did It
Manic Depression (Oteil vocal)
Space Captain

Kebbi & JJ jam>
Bound For Glory

Download Tedeschi/Trucks Highline Ball Room Show Here!!

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October 2010 Potential Show Run Down!

October 2010 Potential Show Run Down

Calendar updated daily!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

  • ($25-$45) Stanley Clarke Feat. Hiromi @ The Blue Note
  • ($32-$112) Alan Gilbert Conducts Mahler’s Sixth Symphony @ Avery Fisher Hall (New York Philharmonic)
  • ($50-$80) Celtic Thunder @ Radio City Music Hall

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

  • I suggest lots of sleep after The Royal Family Ball 😉

Monday, October 4th, 2010

  • ($8) Jim Campilongo@ The Living Room
  • ($25) Mingus Orchestra @ The Jazz Standard

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

  • (Free) Dred Scott Trio & THE BRIDGE @ Rockwood Music Hall
  • (Free) Mavis Staples @ Late Show with David Letterman
  • ($32) Faith Evans @B.B. King Blues Club and Grill
  • ($80 – $250) Roger Waters: The Wall Live @ Madison Square Garden
  • ($25) Peter Yorn @ Bowery Ballroom

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

  • (??) Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds @ Southpaw
  • (Free) Mavis Staples @ Colbert Report (TV)
  • ($10) D.V.S. @ Club Love
  • ($12.25) The EGG plus Sonic Spank @ Mercury Lounge
  • ($20) Davell Crawford @ The Jazz Standard
  • ($80 – $250) Roger Waters: The Wall Live @ Madison Square Garden
  • ($35 – $50) Mavis Staples – “You are Not Alone” – Album Release presented by WFUV @ City Winery
  • ($10) Mattson, Barraco & Friends @ Sullivan Hall
    • Jeff Mattson (DSO, Donna Jean Godchaux Band, Zen Tricksters) , Rob Barraco (DSO, Phil & Friends, Zen Tricksters) , Jason Crosby (Robert Randolph, Susan Tedeschi, Zen Tricksters) , Joe Chirco (Donna Jean Godchaux Band, David Nelson Band, Zen Tricksters) with opening act Easy Over
  • ($44 – $128) Joshua Bell Performs Sibelius @ Avery Fisher Hall

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

  • (Free) Gorillaz @ The Late Show with David Letterman
  • ($5) ?uestlove DJ Set @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($10) Underground Horns “Big Beat” CD release Party @ Nublu
  • ($10) Live Band Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest w/ Alphabet Soup @ Sullivan Hall
  • ($10 – $27) Rosanna Cash @ Kaufmann Concert Hall
    • Upon the publication of Composed, Ms. Cash sits down for a conversation about her life in music.
  • ($28.50 – $33.50) The Hold Steady @ The Beacon Theater
  • ($30) Gil Scott-Heron @ B.B. Kings
  • ($35) Fountains of Wayne @ Bowery Ballroom
  • ($32 – $117) Joshua Bell, Debussy, Sibelius, and Lindberg @ Avery Fisher Hall

Friday, October 8th, 2010

  • (Free?) Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds @ Rockwood Music Hall 2
  • ($5) Big Sam’s Funky Nation @ Brooklyn Bowl
    • Opener: Ikebe Shakedown
    • ($10) Solange DJ Set @ Midnight
  • ($20) Jackie Green @ Bowery Ballroom
  • ($25) The Subdudes @ B.B. Kings
  • ($35) Moe @ Beacon Theater
  • ($35-$45) The Jazz Gallery Rent Jam hosted by Roy Hargrove @ City Winery (late Night)
  • ($32 – $117) Joshua Bell, Debussy, Sibelius, and Lindberg @ Avery Fisher Hall
  • ($50-$125) Gorillaz & Mos Def @ Madison Square Garden

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

  • (Free) West African Band @ St. Nicks, Harlem
  • (Free) Private Party @ Sullivan Hall w/ Lo & Aaron (GSW), Leroy Justice and Jaik Miller
  • ($10-$12) Bustle In Your Hedgerow feat. Joe Russo, Marco Benevento, Dave Dreiwitz and Scott Metzger @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($25) Mago – John Medeski & Billy Martin @ Rocks Off Cruise

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

  • ($20) Corrosion of Conformity @ Highline Ballroom

Monday, October 11th, 2010

  • ($8) Jim Campilongo@ The Living Room
  • ($25) Mingus Orchestra @ The Jazz Standard
  • ($65 – $165) Mary J. Blige @ Radio City Music Hall

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

  • (Free) Dred Scott Trio & THE BRIDGE @ Rockwood Music Hall
  • (Free) My  Morning Jacket @ The Late Show w/ David Letterman
  • ($32 – $117) Joshua Bell, Debussy, Sibelius, and Lindberg @ Avery Fisher Hall
  • ($65 – $165) Mary J. Blige @ Radio City Music Hall

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

  • (Free) My Morning Jacket @ Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon
  • ($7) Afro Funky Party w/ Zongo Junction, Top Shotta & DJ Offbeat @ Cameo Gallery
  • ($10) R+D with Savoy (DJ), D.V.S*, NUTRITIOUS, MUNcee superjam and Mad Hatter @ Club Love
  • ($10) Jessica Lurie Ensemble @ Brooklyn Lyceum
  • ($12) Dawoud – Renegade Sufi Sitar! @ The Theater for the New City
  • ($25) Ingrid Michaelson @ Best Buy Theater (Formally Nokia Theatre)
  • ($32.59 – $39.50) The Avett Brothers @ Radio City Music Hall

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

  • (Free) Ben Folds @ Late Night w/ Jimmy Falon
  • ($5) ?uestlove DJ Set @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($10) Dred Scott Trio @ 55 Bar
  • ($10) Apollo Run @ Union Hall
  • ($25) Tom Tom Club @ Santos House Party
    • W/ Caravan of Thieves and The Tony Castles
  • ($40 – $138) Pinchas Zukerman, Webern, and Brahms@ Avery Fisher Hall (NYPHIL)

Friday, October 15th, 2010

  • ($5) The Trifect @ Sullivan Hall – FUUUUUSION!!!!
  • ($5) M80 Dubstation Feat. Jon Gutwillig from The Disco Biscuits @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($5) Brother Josephus & Josh Phillips Folk Festival @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($36.20) Citizen Cope @ Terminal 5
  • ($30-$45) Dar Williams & Toshi Reagon – Many Great Companions Tour @ City Winery
  • ($32.50 – $35) John Hammond @ Rubin Museum of Art
  • ($40 – $138) Pinchas Zukerman, Webern, and Brahms@ Avery Fisher Hall (NYPHIL)

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

  • (Free) West African Band @ St. Nicks, Harlem
  • ($10) Tom Tom Club @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($35 – $40) Air Supply @ B.B. Kings
  • ($30-$45) Dar Williams & Toshi Reagon – Many Great Companions Tour @ City Winery
  • ($36.20) Citizen Cope @ Terminal 5
  • ($40 – $138) Pinchas Zukerman, Webern, and Brahms@ Avery Fisher Hall (NYPHIL)

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Monday, October 18th, 2010

  • ($8) Jim Campilongo@ The Living Room
  • ($25) Mingus Orchestra @ The Jazz Standard
  • ($30) UP ON THE RIDGE – Dierks Bentley @ Bowery Ballroom
  • ($50) My Morning Jacket @ Terminal 5

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

  • (Free) Dred Scott Trio @ Rockwood Music Hall
  • (Free) Jason Linder Trio @ Fordham University
  • ($10) Kinetix @ Sullivan Hall
  • ($10) Chico Mann @ Santos House Party
  • ($25-$40) UP ON THE RIDGE – Dierks Bentley & Del McCoury Band @ City Winery
  • ($50) My Morning Jacket @ Terminal 5

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

  • ($5) ?uestlove DJ Set @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($12) Eli Paperboy Reed & The True Loves @ Le Poisson Rouge
  • ($25) UP ON THE RIDGE – Dierks Bentley @ Southpaw
  • @ Southpaw
  • ($47.50) My Morning Jacket @ Terminal 5
  • ($50-$90) Thievery Corporation @ Beacon Theater
  • (Starting @ $50) “A Celebration of Paul Newman’s Hole In The Wall Camps” @ Avery Fisher Hall @ Lincoln Center
    • Performances Will Feature a Line-Up of GRAMMY® Winning Musicians Including Hilary Hahn, Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett, John Mellencamp, Keb’ Mo’ and Stevie Wonder With Appearances by Bill Cosby and Renee Zellweger

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

  • (Free) The London Souls @ The Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • ($20 – $25) THE MONSTER MASH –> Fort Knox Five @ The Electric Warehouse w/ Woody McBride and Larry Tea
  • ($25) Yonder Mountain String Band @ Best Buy Theatre (Formally Nokia Theater)
  • ($47.50) My Morning Jacket @ Terminal 5
  • ($50-$90) Thievery Corporation @ Beacon Theater
  • ($60 – SOLD OUT) Phish @ Providence, RI @ Dunkin Donuts Center

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

  • (Free) West African Band @ St. Nick’s Pub
  • (Free) Apollo Run @ Rockwood Music Hall 1
  • (Free) Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds @ Rockwood Music Hall 2
  • (Free) Kings of Leon @ Saturday Night Live (TV)
  • ($10) The Breakfast @ Crash Mansion
  • ($35-$60) Jakob Dylan @ City Winery
  • ($40 – $100) Cheech and Chong @ The Beacon Theater
  • ($42 – $48) Indigo Girls @ Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall
  • ($47.50) My Morning Jacket @ Terminal 5
  • ($60 – SOLD OUT) Phish @ Amhurst, MA @ Mullins Center

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

  • ($8) Apollo Run @ Pianos
  • ($35-$60) Jakob Dylan @ City Winery
  • ($50 – $113) Steve Miller Band @ Beacon Theater
  • ($60 – SOLD OUT) Phish @ Amhurst, MA @ Mullins Center

Monday, October 25th, 2010

  • (Free) Dred Scott Trio @ The Delancey
  • (Free) Kings of Leon @ Late Show with David Letterman (TV)
  • ($8) Jim Campilongo@ The Living Room
  • ($25) Mingus Orchestra @ The Jazz Standard
  • ($35-$60) Jakob Dylan @ City Winery

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

  • (Free) The Bridge @ Rockwood Music Hall
  • (Free) Dred Scott Trio @ Rockwood Music Hall
  • ($10) Talib Kewli @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($40) Bad Religion @ Irving Plaza

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

  • ($??) Chico Mann @ Santos House Party
  • ($25 – $35) Ollabelle @ City Winery
  • ($25 – $153) Yo Yo Ma & Kathryn Scott @ Carnegie Hall
  • ($40) Bad Religion @ Irving Plaza

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

  • ($5) ?uestlove DJ Set @ Brooklyn Bowl
  • ($10) The Mother Hips @ The Brooklyn Bowl
    • w/ Sean Walsh & The National Reserve
  • ($20) Trouble & Bass  @ Santos House Party
    • Ninja Tune XX (anniversary party): Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, DJ Food & DK, Poirier Toddla T & Serocee, DJ Kentaro, Eskmo
  • ($42) Michael Franti & Spearhead @ Terminal 5
  • ($50 – $90) Styx @ The Beacon Theatre
  • ($70-$80) Deadmau5 @ Roseland Ballroom

Friday, October 29th, 2010

  • (FREE??) Dred Scott @ Smalls Jazz Club
  • ($10) The Macpodz @ Sullivan Hall
  • ($15) The Toasters & the Pietasters @ B.B. Kings Blues Club
  • ($30) Ok Go @ Terminal 5
  • ($37) Railroad Earth with Donna the Buffalo @ Irving Plaza
  • ($40) Guster @ The Beacon Theater
  • ($60 – SOLD OUT) Phish @ Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall
  • ($70-$80) Deadmau5 @ Roseland Ballroom

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

  • ($10) Jimkata, Papadosio and D.V.S. @ Sullivan Hall
  • ($36) Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams @ The Gramercy Theater
  • ($36-$40) Cypress Hill @ Besy Buy Theater (Formally Nokia Theatre)
  • ($60 – SOLD OUT) Phish @ Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall
  • ($70-$80) Deadmau5 @ Roseland Ballroom

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

  • ($24) The Felice Brothers @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • ($50) The Black Crowes @ Best Buy Theater (Formally Nokia Theatre)
  • ($60 – SOLD OUT) Phish @ Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

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The 2010 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival:

An “Easy D” Perspective: Friday, April 30, 2010

Mike "Easy D" Deasy

Mike "Easy D" Deasy

(Read Easy D’s “Prologue” here)

(Read Easy D’s “Wednesday, April 28, 2010” here)

(Read Easy D’s “Thursday, April 29, 2010” here)

Canal Street (Photo by Jon Weber)

Canal Street (Photo by Jon Weber)

Although I was extremely well rested from the mega-sleep Thursday night, I did not make it out to the fairgrounds early.  We waited while one of our Krewe finally made it to the hotel after a very bad Air Tran experience.  Hey, more time to party…works for me!

Photo by Lynn Lesh

Photo by Lynn Lesh

The weather forecast for the rest of the weekend was cloudy, windy, with the chance of rain getting worse as the weekend wore on.  The storm that ravaged Nashville, Tennesse and many other places looked like it would stay north of New Orleans; Sunday might be the worst rain day.  We made allowances for the weather by throwing raincoats and ponchos into a backpack.

The Chateau Bourbon Hotel portion of my Krewe turned me on to the school bus shuttle to the Fest.  For a $17 round trip, you get door to door service to the fest in an air-conditioned school bus.  It was like being in the HOV lane!  So much better than taking a taxi.  Take note you future festers!

Photo by Derek B.

Big Chief Victor Harris the 2nd Friday @ Jazz Fest, Jazz & Heritage Stage (Photo by Derek B.)

Once out to the fairgrounds, we paused at the Jazz & Heritage stage for the Fi Yi Yi & the Mandingo Warriors.  Not the best of Indian shows.  We didn’t stay long since we were on our way to Gentilly stage anyway for the subdudes.

The Subdudes (Photo by Adam McCullough)

The Subdudes' John Magnie (Photo by Adam McCullough)

The subdudes are a great roots rock band that has been around on and off since 1987.  They are known for their sparse instrumentation with a strong emphasis on songwriting and vocal harmonies.  The current lineup consists of:

Tommy Malone – lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars

John Magnie –  vocals, organ, keyboards, accordion

Steve Amedée – vocals, tambourine, drums, percussion, electric mandolin

Tim Cook – harmony vocals, bass, percussion

Jimmy Messa – bass, guitar, vocals

Look for a club show action shots of the subdudes in a future installment.  The dudes set was excellent, left me wanting more…I knew I would see them again soon…

Steve Riley And The Mamou Playboy (Photo by Tamara Grayson)

Steve Riley And The Mamou Playboy (Photo by Tamara Grayson)

Next up: A stroll by the Sheraton New Orleans Fais Do Do stage for Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys, a great Cajun band.  This is an act I have been meaning to check out for years. A special treat: three trombonists from Bonerama joined the stage during their performance!

Steve Riley’s 2008 performance at Jazz Fest earned him a Grammy Award nomination. Though he lost out to Terrance Simien and the Zydeco Experience Band, Riley is a musician worthy of local support and national acclaim. Zydeco music is mostly heard a little further west, but Jazz Fest is a great opportunity to check out some great local music. ~The Daily Reveille~

The Trio (Photo by David Grunfeld)

The Trio (Photo by David Grunfeld)

Time for some food!  I chose another one of my all time favorites.  My friends and I call it the Trio, but it is identified as a platter.  The Trio consists of Alligator Pie, a large Shrimp Stuffed with Crabmeat, and Fried Green Tomatoes.  Mmmm…and all for $10.

Next up: The set that I have been looking forward to for weeks: The New Orleans Social Club in the Blues tent.  This is an all-star band consisting of:

Ivan Neville (Dumpstaphunk) – Keyboards and Vocals

Henry Butler – Piano and Vocals

George Porter, Jr. (The Meters, etc) – Bass and Vocals

Leo Nocentelli (The Meters) – Guitar and Vocals

Raymond Weber (Dumpstaphunk) – Drums and Vocals

At the fairgrounds, in the below video, the New Orleans Social Club burns through the end of the Wild Tchopitoulas classic “Indian Red.”

If you ever get a chance to see Henry Butler perform, I urge not to walk, but run to see him.  He is a national treasure.  To give you an idea, check out this video about the recording of Honeybee for Papa Mali’s Do Your Thing album:

There was no reason to leave the Blues tent since The Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Band were up next.   This husband and wife team were excellent as usual.  The band also included a couple of Burbridges:  Oteil, the bassist from The Allman Brothers Band and Kofi, keys, flute, etc. from The Derek Trucks Band.

It was very hot and extremely humid in the tent so my gang moved on.  Earlier in the day, we received word that Aretha Franklin had canceled for some undisclosed diva reason.  Late replacement:  Earth, Wind and Fire at the Acura stage!  Very nice!  After a couple of sexy soulful  tunes, my Krewe (of guys) all started looking at each other kinda funny.  We realized that we better head for the school bus and head back to the French Quarter.  A very nice day indeed.  And the weather held up!!!

Earth, Wind and Fire @ Jazz Fest 2010

Earth, Wind and Fire @ Jazz Fest 2010

Friday Evening at the Rock ‘N’ Bowl

Rock 'N' Bowl

Rock 'N' Bowl

There were lots of great music choices for Friday night club shows.  I really wanted to see 7 Walkers featuring Papa Mali and Bill Kreutzman.  They were playing a theater show opening for Gov’t Mule as well as a later show at Mardi Gras World. When I’m in New Orleans, I much prefer to go to the clubs instead of a theater.  There are so many fun clubs in New Orleans in so many different neighborhoods.  Much of the time, magical things happen when musicians go from club to club to sit in on other artist’s sets.

John Mooney at the Rock 'N' Bowl

John Mooney at the Rock 'N' Bowl

We decided to go to The Rock ‘N’ Bowl, a great music venue and bowling alley in the Mid City neighborhood.   A couple of years ago, The Rock ‘N’ Bowl moved from one location to more spacious quarters on Carrollton Ave.  The new place is much nicer for music, much more spacious and comfortable.  The lineup for the evening:  John Mooney and Bluesiana, Sonny Landreth, and Bonerama.

John Mooney is a delta, swamp, slide, Louisiana blues guitarist and singer who has called New Orleans home since 1976.  John’s trio put on a great performance while enduring the chatter that opening acts inevitably have to deal with.

Sonny Landreth @ Jazzfest 2010

Sonny Landreth @ Jazzfest 2010

Next up Lafayette Louisiana’s own Sonny Landreth, another Louisiana slide master.  I am a longtime fan of Sonny.  How big a fan?  My 12 year old Nissan Sentra sports a Sonny Landreth bumper sticker that reads ‘My Other Car is a Zydecoldsmobile’ which references Sonny’s rockin’ tune USS Zydecoldsmobile.  Sonny has a long career of collaborations with the likes of John Hiatt and the Goners (along with Sonny’s bassist David Ranson), Bonnie Raitt, Buckwheat Zydeco, Jimmy Buffett, and many others.

Grant Street Album

Grant Street Album

For this show, Sonny had his usual power trio setup with David Ranson on bass, and a drummer du jour.  Tunes in the set included Native Stepson, Port of Calling, All About You, and USS Zydecoldsmobile.  To get a sense of Sonny live, I recommend Sonny’s Grant Street live album.


Lastly we all had to get ‘boned’.   Bonerama is a rock band fronted by several trombones/horns.   In addition to playing killer covers, Bonerama featured three songs in the set from their excellent recently released Hard Times EP.   Later in the show, the Bones brought up to the stage guitarist Jimmy Robinson (Woodenhead, Twangorama) for the end of the set and the encore.  Bones and guitar for Whipping Post and War Pigs!  Yeah you right!

Bonerama set list:

Bayou Betty
Cabbage Alley
Lost My House
The Ocean
Hard Times
I Got Loaded
Close The Door
Whipping Post *
Folly *

Encore: War Pigs *

Note: * w/ Jimmy Robinson on Guitar

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So, instead of going back and writing about all my musical adventures that I have on my computer but have yet to release to the public, I am just going to list them by month and if you are interested, you can follow the links to my reviews on other websites or ask me for info and pictures later if you like.

Jaaaaaamuary 2010:

2-9 – Jam Cruise

20 – Robert Randolph and Friends @ The Brooklyn Bowl (Read my review on FestivalFamily.com)

22 – moe. @ Roseland Ballroom, Man

26 – Charlie Hunter Residency @ Roselive, Bklyn


February 2010:

2 – Poetry Slam @ Bowery Poetry Club, NYC

5 – Tea Leaf Green & Galactic @ Terminal 5, NYC ~ (Read my review on FestivalFamily.com)

5 – Will Bernard’s Galactic Afterparty @ Bar 9, NYC

9 – Adam Deitch w/ Louis Cato and Yuki Hirano @ Rose Live, NYC

13 – Toubab Krewe and Lotus @ 930 Club, DC

14 – Hackensaw Boys & Umphrey’s McGee @ Rams Head live, Baltimore, MD

16 – Fat Tuesday with George Porter, Adam Deitch, Henry Butler and Leo Nocentelli @ B.B. Kings, NYC ~ (Read my review on FestivalFamily.com)

19 – Ryan Montbleau Band & Trombone Shorty and Orleans Ave. @ Highline Ballroom, NYC

20 – EQUIFUNKL: Eric Lindell @ Sullivan Hall, NYC

20 – Jay Rodriguz & Adam Deitch @ The Blue Note, NYC

25 – Umphrey’s McGee & Chapter 2 @ Nokia Theatre Times Square

26 – North Mississippi Allstars @ Highline Ballroom, NYC

27 – Brother Joschephus and The Love Revolution Orchestra @ The Brooklyn Bowl


March 2010:

2 – Drummer Residency: Bobby Previte duo w/ Briggan Krauss & Coalition of the Willing Trio @ Rose Live

3 – Bowlive: Soulive w/ Raul Midon @ Brooklyn Bowl ~ (Read my review on Festivalfamily.com)

4 – Bowlive: Soulive w/ Ryan Zoidis & Sam Kininger & Blake Hillard @ Brooklyn Bowl ~ (Read my review on Festivalfamily.com)

5 – Bowlive: Soulive w/ Sam Kininger and Tash Neal (London Souls) @ Brooklyn Bowl

5 – Bowlive: After SL – Q-Tip the Abstract (DJ Set)

6 – Bowlive: Soulive with Ivan Neville and Robert Randolph @ Brooklyn Bowl

6 – Will Bernard, Charlie Hunter and Eric Kalb @ Nublu

9 – Drummer Residency: Billy Martin @ Rose Live

9 – Bowlive: Rubber Soulive with Charlie Hunter @ Brooklyn Bowl

10 – Bowlive: Soulive w/ Oteil Burbridge and Kofi Burbridge @ Brooklyn Bowl

11 – Joe Krown, Walter Wolfman Washington, Russell Batiste with special guests @ Sullivan Hall

12 – Allman Brothers Band @ The United Palace Theater

12 – Bowlive: Soulive w/ Marco Benevento & The London Souls @ Brooklyn Bowl (Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi showed up after ABB)

13 – Bowlive: Soulive w/ DJ Logic @ Brooklyn Bowl (Warren Haynes showed up after ABB)

15 – Allman Brothers Band @ The United Palace Theater

19 – Will Bernard w/ with John Ellis and Matt Pavolka @ Bar Next Door

22 – Marco Benevento & Friends (March residency) @ Bar 4

And now we come to the beginning of my blog 🙂

25 – Tower of Power @ B.B. Kings

26 – Perpetual Groove @ Bowery Ballroom

30 – Will Bernard Trio w/ Todd Sickafoose and Ches Smith @ The Stone

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