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Welcome Friends

After great debate and hundreds of friend requests from people I do not know who are interested in my pictures, stories and show schedule, I have decided to write about my musical adventures through this medium.

Where as I love posting my pictures on facebook, there is really no outlet to write about my musical adventures in an organized fashion where friends could enjoy the adventures with me.

In this blog you will find writings about any musical adventure I  am blessed enough to experience around the Tri-State, Washington Dc, and Boston areas.  As well, from time to time we will have submissions from other writers who were able to make special events that I was unable to make.

Recently, The Tiny Rager Blog has been asked by Highline Ballroom and Sullivan Hall to work with them in giving away free tickets to choice performances.  Keep your eyes peeled for these contests as they come along.

Disclaimer:  During the summer months, there is so much to do/see/hear that my posts will be slightly late in their postings.  This site will be much better suited for those of you who dislike going out in the winter months while the rest of us are raging through blizzards to fulfill our addictions.

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