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Perpetual Groove @ Brooklyn Bowl (09.24.10) & Bowery Ballroom (09.25.10)


Love the name!

Love the name!

Brock Butler celebrated his birthday in Manhattan this past weekend ripping apart the Bowery Ballroom Friday night and Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday.  Both nights were phenomenal and they brought a much more electronica vibe to this performance then they were here back in February. There was more exploration in the music this time. Less frat rock, more free-flow rage.



Brock Butler @ Brooklyn Bowl

Brock Butler @ Brooklyn Bowl



Perpetual Groove is a band with a large cult following.  Their latest release, Heal, came out in January 2009. They hold a wonderful music festival every year called Amberland.  Led by musical encyclopedia, Brock Butler, you can always be sure that you will have an interesting musical evening as this group touches on a wide variety of styles of music, numerous covers and funky get-down jams.

Perpetual Groove

Brock Butler –  Guitar, vocals
Adam Perry –  Bass
John Hruby – Keys, vocals
Albert Suttle –  Drums

The first set of the Bowery Ballroom performance is my favorite set of the entire weekend.  It was blasting with energy, filled with songs about friendships and championship such as Crockett and Tubbs, All My Friends and We Are Your Friends.  There was a vibe shooting through the stage Friday night.  The birthday party had commenced.


Bass Rage @ Brooklyn Bowl

Bass Rage @ Brooklyn Bowl


Seeing TTFPJ in the set list, I had to figure out what it meant.  After a bit of digging, it is my understanding that TTFPJ stands for Tribute to Freddy Prince Jr. The explanation gets more in-depth by continuing to dissect the lyrics behind the song. The tribute is apparently referencing FPJ’s marriage to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

They covered some great songs like The BeatlesHelter Skelter, Bob Dylan‘s The Man In Me (I think) and at some point Brock Butler mashed Wyclef Jean‘s Gone Till November into Walking in Place, I believe.

Having blasted PGroove‘s Youtube video  cover of Kanye West’s We Don’t Care the entire week prior to the show, Josh shouted to Brock about playing this during the second set.  Brock looked right at Josh and said he would have to talk to the fellas about it.  Sadly, it never happened. We were hoping for it to be the encore and it might have happened however…


Albert Suttle -  Drums

Albert Suttle - Drums


Encoring with Chemical Brother‘s The Golden Path at the Bowery Ballroom, there was no encore the following night at the Brooklyn Bowl.  Rather, Brock Butler told the audience, “We have to get off stage at 12:15 on the dot.  Instead of stepping away we are going to play right through.” The crowd went wild and the remainder of both nights were filled with trippy dancing, smiling, sing alongs and space in everyone’s faces.

Enjoy the shows!

Download: Perpetual Groove Live at Bowery Ballroom on 2010-09-24 (September 24, 2010)

Set I:

1. Crockett and Tubbs>
2. All My Friends>
3. Crockett and Tubbs
4. You and Yours
6. We Are Your Friends>
8. Three Weeks

Set II

1. Occams Blazer
2. Helter Skelter
3. Cabulo Monstrosity
4. Long Past Settled In
5. Walking in Place

E: 6. The Golden Path

Download: Perpetual Groove Live at Brooklyn Bowl on 2010-09-25 (September 25, 2010)

Set I

1. The Man in Me
2. Space Paranoids
3. Downside
4. Robot Waltz
5. AIM
6. Cairo

Set II

1. Mayday
2. Too Close to the Sun
3. It’s Bad You Know
4. The March of Gibbles Army
5. It Starts Where it Ends
6. Teakwood Betz

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