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Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, Paul Motian, and Sp. Guest John Scofield @ The Blue Note (05.12.10)

The Blue Note, NYC

The Blue Note, NYC

I was completely FREAKING OUT!  110% shaking like a leaf with excitement.  My friend was standing next to me just kinda staring at me.  It was physically noticeable.  With a genuinely concerned look, she asks me if I am OK.  Honestly, I might as well been on 100 Five-Hour Energy Shots and crack.  I was on the verge of hyperventilating.  That is how ridiculously excited I was.

Chick Corea took The Blue Note by storm for two weeks, from May 4-9 and May 11-16.  Playing with a brand new project featuring Eddie Gomez on bass & Paul Motian on drums, Chick celebrated the lesser known works of Bill Evans, the project simply called Further Explorations of Bill Evans.

Bill Evans

Bill Evans

For those of you who need some schooling, Bill Evans was a famous, FAMOUS Jazz Pianist/Composer/Arranger who…

“influenced a generation of pianists including: Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, John Taylor, Steve Kuhn, Don Friedman, Denny Zeitlin, Bobo Stenson, Michel Petrucciani and Keith Jarrett, as well as guitarists Lenny Breau, Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny.” ~Wikipedia~

In 1958, Bill Evans was a pianist in Miles Davis’ group.  Can you imagine?  I know Chick Corea and John Scofield certainly can.  Evans influence ran so deep with Miles, his talent so respected, that he wrote the liner notes for Miles Davis’ classic Kind of Blues; the best selling jazz album of all time.

Tonight, I got my chance to see two of my biggest musical heroes celebrating one of their musical heroes.  I found that exhilarating.  Of the 12 days Chick Corea played at The Blue Note,  I chose tonight specifically because John Scofield would be the special guest and I was geekin’ out.  Tonight’s Line Up:

Chick Corea, piano
Eddie Gomez, bass
Paul Motian, drums
w/ sp. guest: John Scofield, guitar

The Blue Note

The Blue Note

At 69 years old, Chick Corea is still going strong.  Having become a fan of his music through my love of Fusion Jazz, Chick Corea has been on my radar for many, many years.  Most of you should recall Return to Forever, with it’s classic lineup of Stanley Clarke on bass, Al Di Meola on Guitar and Lenny White on drums.  If you haven’t heard of Return to Forever, you might want to stop reading and go check it out.  Seriously, get away from this article and go listen to the music instead of reading about it.  I don’t mind.

For weeks prior to his two week stint, Chick Corea was offering up free tickets to each of his shows through Twitter and via e-mail.  I entered twice a day, every day allowed, but alas, it looked as if I was doomed to pay the $65 for a table or $40 to stand at the bar.  Not a big fan of The Blue Note for these high prices but in this case, I would spend my savings account to see Chick and John play together in this intimate setting.  I mean, it was one of the world’s most famous jazz clubs, how could I complain?!

Stage Sign

Stage Sign with Eddie's bass below

The plan was to get there early and see if we could get a seat at the bar ($40) vs. getting a table ($65) plus a $5 minimum purchase (nothing there is under $7), plus tipping your waitress…you get my point.  Unfortunately, we just missed snagging a seat by one person. We were the first ones standing.  I took a trip upstairs, just figuring out they had restrooms and gift shop up there…and figuring out that this was where the Green Room was located.  I just don’t go to The Blue Note that often for shows so this was a fun discovery. Especially when I saw John come out of the Green Room and throw a smile my way.   People come from all over the world to stop in at The Blue Note, it’s gift shop stocked with all kinds of paraphernalia that  I wanted like the piano ashtray or the hanging poster of Lionel Hampton that isn’t even for sale.  When it does go on sale, my friend “E” and I will be fighting for it to the death.  After my explorations upstairs, we stand around for another 45 minutes.

Inside The Blue Note ~ Chick's Set Up

Inside The Blue Note ~ Chick's Set Up

Already weary from a long day’s work, standing in line outside for 30 minutes and another hour and a half inside, it didn’t take long for my friend to talk me into upgrading to a table so we could sit.  We had to wait until the rest of the reserved patrons were seated but we finally got a seat, in a decent spot for me to see Chick’s side view and John’s front view.  I was happy but, and this is a big but, we were HORRIBLY crammed into our seats, I was practically on top of my neighbor and I am a small little lady.  I felt like a sardine and my back was to the stage the way I was seated.  I turned and was grateful that I WAS a small human being and manipulated my way around to see the stage.  It is also about this time that I said screw the money and I made the MOST out of the awkward situation.  I ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and a scrumptious Flat Bread Salad with Grilled Chicken.  So much for the $40 budget, I think I walked out with a $130 bill that night…so worth every penny.

The Blue Note Bar Sign

The Blue Note Bar Sign

The stage was set with Chick’s grand piano to the left, Eddie’s stand up bass in front of that, Paul’s drum kit raged the middle of the stage and to the right of the stage stood John Scofield‘s stool and music stand.  The scene was set and everyone was waiting.  When they came onto the stage the venue erupted in applause.  I scanned the room looking for someone younger then me and my friend. I was hard-pressed and it made me weary.  I wished there were more young people who are willing to learn from a real musician instead of what was on their radio stations and MTV…barf music.  The set list that night was kind of hard for me, I picked up on 5 out of the 8 songs.  It was hard to tell where one ended and another began.  Luckily Chick’s website had the set list:

Stella By Starlight
Song #1
Little Rootie Tootie
My Foolish Heart
Someday My Prince Will Come
Bessie’s Blues
Peri’s Scope

Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, and John Scofield @ The Blue Note

Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, and John Scofield @ The Blue Note

Diane, a song by Erno Rapee and Lew Pollack, was fast and playful. A great opener, a great song to show case their talent immediately.  There was playfulness between John and Chick right off the bat.   John breaks into his first solo of the night.  What do you think it sounded like?  It was crisp and fast and he was up off the stool as if the music had lifted him right out!  This first song was easily 10 minutes, so long and lovely.  They each took their turn down the line soloing.  Chick was second and being that Erno Rapee was a virtuoso pianist, this song was written for Chick to rage it.  Then it was Eddie’s turn and then it got quiet.  Chick starts the twinkling on the keys…playing scales.  I can see his fingers with his head lowered and slowly Paul sneaks back in with the beat.  John gets up and out of his seat again as he plants another lucrative solo on us.  This was just the first song and I was satisfied.  Great wine, great food, great company, GREAT music.

John Scofield @ The Blue Note

John Scofield @ The Blue Note

Stella By Starlight is a jazz standard, written by Victor Young, that I recognized immediately, but couldn’t grab the name when Chick gave it to us later. Chick started off plinking the keys.  So very slow, Miles Davis’ version has horns but there would be no horns on stage tonight.  With soft taps on the cymbals, Paul joins the songs.  It all seemed so very My Fair Lady, very lounge-y.  Eddie’s bass joined in with slow pulls of his bow here and there, so light and timid.  Just a gorgeous song.

Chick stands up and introduces the band to the audience. There is massive applause for each member.  “These are brand new Bill Evans songs composed a while ago,” Chick says.  “Happy belated Mother’s Day. The first song was called Diane.  We are doing song with ladies in the title….ladies tunes. We will be doing a few Thelonious tunes…”  And the music continues…

Eddie Gomez and John Scofield @ The Blue Note

Eddie Gomez and John Scofield @ The Blue Note

Song #1 is beyond me.  I had no clue what this song was and I still don’t.   John’s face was contorted into a knot as he played.  The main vein of the song was John on guitar with Chick coming in sporadically on keys.  Chick stopped to take off his jacket, taking a turn to smile at the audience as his back was to half of us.  My wine finally comes.  Even better.

Pounding on the keys with Paul’s drum backing Chick, Little Rootie Tootie, a Thelonious Monk song, was next.  A cute song that reminds me of Charlie Brown cartoons for some reason.  The piano section is just exquisite.  Chick was working up a sweat and dried off his key with the towel.  But it didn’t end there.  John picked up the melody and using his towel, Chick made strokes across the piano from one end to the other making the sounds he needs to banter with John.  This was so cool and lasted for a good three minutes.  My focus then went to Eddie on bass, plucking away as Chick inserts his two cents here and then abruptly ending.  Monstrous applause.

Eddie Gomez @ The Blue Note

Eddie Gomez @ The Blue Note

My Foolish Heart, another jazz standard by Victor Young, was to follow.  Mainly a solo piano piece, this was not to be Chick’s grand solo.  Eddie Gomez starts off very, very slow, dragging his bow across his bass.  With daunting pulls, he stood alone, his sound so deep and lovely.  I remember having to focus very hard as the table full of European tourists were drunk and talking loudly.  It is VERY hard for me to focus. I tried so hard. Luckily the manager came over and quieted them. It didn’t last long.  Did these people not know who they were watching?  I couldn’t believe their lack of manners.  This was not the show to be having a conversation and I was NOT the neighbor to be having a conversation by.  I only had to ask them once.  I was livid for a hot minute and I quickly let the music sooth me.  Heal my anger.  It didn’t take more then a few notes, a sip of my wine and a bite of my lovely salad to be put back into my happy place.  I fell in love with Eddie at this moment.  It was simply magnificent.

Eddie was playing this technically classical jazzy song all by himself and he had hooked me into a dream world as I closed my eyes and let his sound take me over.  There is something about how he played. I could have listened to it for hours. It was the most soothing part of the night. This was not jazz.  This was classical goodness and with the bass! So much appreciation!! It went on for quite some time…and then John comes back in…

Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, and John Scofield @ The Blue Note

Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, and John Scofield @ The Blue Note

As I sit there listening, I realize that the songs have been mashed up as Disney’s Snow White’s Someday My Prince Will Come was teased amongst the songs.  In my head I start singing:”A Dream That You Wish Will Come True”.  I also feel as though Norah JonesThe Nearness of You was teased by John.  I thought of my sister and wished she was there to hear this.

John Scofield @ The Blue Note

John Scofield @ The Blue Note

John Coltrane’s Bessie’s Blues brought us a new song, a new sound. Chick starts plunking the keys, pacing the song.  Straight Jazz.  Medium pulls on the bass strings, Eddie is very evident in this song.  Just a yummy jazzy song, all instruments playing at their leisure…that whole organized chaos vibe going on.  John pulled out a faster guitar here and during his solos, shredded his guitar with his face in a million different directions.  Chick’s fingers were moving fast as lighting.  John strums his guitar.  These two were just killing it and this became my favorite song of the night.  Eddie started playing so hard that you could hear his breathing over the music…his voice came out and he couldn’t help it.  And with an oh-so-bluesy ending, more applause and a huge smile on Chick’s face 🙂

Chick on Mic

Chick on Mic

The final song was Bill Evans’ Peri’s Scope.  I think that was the only Bill Evans song they performed to be honest unless that Song #1 is his.  This is not something that held back my happiness one bit. The night had been glorious and it wasn’t even close to being over.  A typical jazzy tune, John filling in for the horn section, it was lovely.  The piano was playful and John and Chick banter with their instruments. So upbeat, light. Soft taps of the cymbals and paced pulls of the bass strings. They were having fun and we felt it.

Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, and John Scofield @ The Blue Note

Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, and John Scofield @ The Blue Note

I felt as if it were over as soon as it begun.  I was in love with what I had seen and actually needed more.  Right then.  But there would be no encore and I had been surrounded by overly chatty people, the old gentleman behind me was drunk and HUMMED the entire set.  These things didn’t matter! Within a few minutes I was up out of my chair and ready to go straight up meet these legends.   And that is exactly what I did.  To the Green Room…

John Scofield and TR @ The Blue Note

John Scofield and TR @ The Blue Note (05.12.10)

Upon first meeting John, he asks me if I play guitar.  He asks my girlfriend the same question.  I believe he asks all the ladies this question as his follow up statement was “YIPPIE, I have girl fans.”  LOL!!!  The man was genuinely intrigued and a conversation began between the three of us that continued on for some time.  I lost track of my entire life during that time.  We spoke of the Montreal Jazz Festival, music, guitars, songs, NYC…to transcribe it would take forever and it’s times like these that I don’t need to write down for I will never forget these moments…

Chick Corea and TR @ The Blue Note (05.12.10)

Chick Corea and TR @ The Blue Note (05.12.10)

Upon meeting Chick, he wasn’t as excited but wasn’t fan-blocking me or anything either haha.  We talked about the set, this is the point we discussed song titles and I missed a few as I lost my mind a little during this meeting as well.  There are some artists where I can talk to them like they are family but there are others I can’t even look in the eyes for fear I might explode or turn to stone.  Yeah, it’s like that.  Just so much love for their music, I almost can’t speak to them cause, really, want me to be brutally honest??  The person is so different from the music and I am terrified of changing my relationship with the music.  I don’t generally like to have big sit downs with artists I like.  But when I do, I PRAY they are as genuine as their music.

In this case, Chick and John were lovely people, Eddie and Paul included, even though I barely spoke three words to them having the attention of Chick for a few minutes and John for a few minutes…that was good enough for me.  My friend and I raged the Green Room area for a bit meeting Chick’s wife, who was covered in what I referred to as “glitter.”  She corrected me and said, “Fairy Dust.”  She was a kindred spirit for sure.  After about 30 minutes of straight chillen, my girlfriend and I left The Blue Note completely speechless.  As we walked down the street, neither of us talked but I knew exactly what she was thinking: HOLY SHIT!!  THAT – JUST – HAPPENED!!!

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Gulf Oil Spill ~ How You Can Help!

If you are like me, you have found the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill to be a nauseating tragedy.  In order to help with the wildlife and habitat recovery efforts, organizations and individuals have readied themselves for the fight to protect the water, land and wildlife that sits in the path of the oil sheen. Visualize and understand the devastation at If This Was My Home!

I am asking YOU to take action! Here are some ways you can help and other resources for staying on top of the story.  Thanks to everyone who helped me gather this important information.

The oil slick as seen from space by NASA's Terra satellite on May 17, 2010

The oil slick as seen from space by NASA's Terra satellite on May 17, 2010


Gulf Relief Foundation

Music has always been a huge part in any major relief effort.  This tragedy is not excluded.  The Gulf Aid: Concert for the Coast was held on May 15, 2010 but they are still collecting donations.

For Donations:
A 501 C3 Non-Profit Corporation
P.O. Box 61035
New Orleans, LA 70161

For Correspondence:
P.O. Box 6917
Metairie, LA 70009

PH 504-841-2380

Gulf Aid On Twitter

Gulf Aid On Facebook

Email info@gulfaid.org


Volunteer Match

VolunteerMatch is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening communities by making it easier for good people and good causes to connect.

VolunteerMatch Support:

Email: support@volunteermatch.org
Phone: (415) 241-6872
Fax: (415) 520-9650

Main Office:

Phone: (415) 241-6868
Fax: (415) 241-6869

Mailing Address:
717 California St., Second Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

Volunteer Match on Twitter

Volunteer Match on Facebook

Volunteer Match on Myspace


Nature Conservancy

is a US charitable environmental organization working to preserve the plants, animals, and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.  If you’re not on the scene but still want to help, you can make a donation to Nature Conservancy.

Physical Address

Worldwide Office
The Nature Conservancy
4245 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22203-1606

Worldwide Office: +1 (703) 841-5300

Other Nature Conservancy Offices

Nature Conservancy on Twitter

Nature Conservancy on Facebook


Fuck BP

While I was watching Hangout Festival on IClips, Ben Harper made a special speech about this petition site!  I apologize for the foul name, but I am sure you feel the same way the creators of Fuck BP do.  It is a petition to make BP clean up thier mess! Yes, it is harsh title but I am pretty sure we are all feeling angry enough to use that word over and over again.

Please sign the petition located on this Website: http://www.fuckbp.net/


Voice of the Wetlands

With a donation button and an up-to-date news feed, this site is focused on driving awareness and developing educational outlets/programs about the loss of the wetlands in southern Louisiana.  VOW was started by musician Tab Benoit who was born and raised in Houma, LA – one of the communities born of the wetlands. Tab along with Rueben Williams and a coalition of local artists and business leaders recognized the urgency to save their homes and the culture of southern Louisiana, thus creating Voice of the Wetlands.

Website: http://www.voiceofthewetlands.org/

If you are able to volunteer,
please call (866) 448-5816 or (281) 366-5511
Please help today and for the future.

Voice of the Wetlands on Myspace

Voice of the Wetlands on Facebook


Matter Of  Trust

One program that has been extremely successful in soaking up oil spills, saving wildlife and ecosystems, uses mats made of human and animal hair.    Here is the website for information: www.Matteroftrust.org

Matter of Trust is a non-profit organization that invites salons, pet groomers and the abundantly coiffed to send leftover hair trimmings for use in highly absorbent hair mats and booms.  According to their website, “Hair is very efficient at collecting oil out of the air, off surfaces like your skin and out of the water, even petroleum oil.” The group boasts twelve locations across region that are ready to receive human and pet hair, and hundreds of volunteers participating in “Boom B Q” parties stuffing the donated locks into recycled nylons to form booms that can be strung along beaches and marshes. Related link: Organization combing country for spare hair to fight oil slick

As interesting as the process is, the focus must be for us to mobilize by immediately making our hairdressers and dog groomers aware of this program.   Call today and ask them to put the hair they sweep up in a clean garbage bag.  Then, tonight register through the website (it’s FREE), and Monday pounds lifesaving hair can be on its way to the plant. You can help by getting a haircut!  Thank you for considering this action.  A call and a hair cut to save the Gulf Coast.  What an idea!


Main office – Small office (not a warehouse) for letters and post only

Matter of Trust, Inc.
99 St. Germain Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94114 USA

Please DO NOT SEND HAIR, fur, waste wool etc. to this address.

Please see Instructions.

Email: team@matteroftrust.org
.Main:…….415 242-6041
.Press: > ..415 235-2403
Funding:>.415 235-2403

Matter of Trust on Twitter

Matter of Trust on Facebook

Mailing address for oil spill hair mat program donations:
(Hair, fur, waste wool, fleece, natural fiber donors, please first see Instructions.  We are emailing all donors addresses for warehouse spaces along the Gulf Coast and all participants will get our Gulf Spill Response alert email.)


Deepwater Horizon Response Unified Command

Deepwater Horizon Response Unified Command is urging the public to report any breaks in the nearly 1.2 million feet of boom that have been placed throughout the Gulf of Mexico. To report an incident, call 1-866-448-5816.

In addition, the group is soliciting the public’s ideas for “stopping the flow of oil into the Gulf, containing or recovering it, or cleaning it up.” Click here to submit your suggestion, or alternatively, call 281-366-5511.

To contact the Deepwater Horizon Joint Information Center: 985.902.5231

Related link: BP’s suggestion box is spilling over

Deepwater Horizon Response Unified Command on Facebook


International Bird Rescue Research Center

The International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) lets you support the 16 members of their Oil Spill Response Team, as well as other non-profit organizations working in the region, by “donating, becoming a member or adopting a bird.”

International Bird Rescue Research Center on Facebook

International Bird Rescue Research Center on Twitter

International Bird Rescue Research Center on Youtube

IBRRC’s blog: Documenting their work with injured birds

FAQ: How the IBRRC treats oiled birds


Louisiana Bucket Brigade

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade’s Oil Spill Crisis Map lets Gulf Coast residents report “sightings of fishermen out or work, endangered wildlife, oil on shore, oil sheens, health impacts and other problems.” Information can be submitted in a variety of ways.

Reports can be made and viewed at http://oilspill.labucketbrigade.org.

Mobile phone users can text or call in reports to  (504) 27 27 OIL.

Reports can also be sent to bpspillmap@gmail.com and through Twitter with the hashtag #BPspillmap.

Eyewitness reports for the map require a description, and location information such as address, city and state, zip-code or coordinates. Citizen reporters can remain anonymous or disclose their contact information. Photos and video can be uploaded via the web.

Click here for more on the organization’s efforts


National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation, in partnership with its colleagues in the Gulf states, is recruiting volunteers for an “extensive volunteer wildlife surveillance network.”

National Wildlife Federation on Facebook

National Wildlife Federation on Twitter

Click here for more information on joining the effort.

Also accepting pledges via your mobile device. Text “WILDLIFE” to 20222 to donate $10 to the organization’s “on-the-ground volunteer and restoration efforts.”



WWL-AM, a news-talk radio station, is on nothing other than the oil spill story. You can listen live here: WWL.com.



From the Times-Picayune Staff, more Gulf oil spill phone numbers and websites:

To submit alternative response technology, services or products: 281.366.5511

To submit your vessel as a vessel of opportunity skimming system: 281.366.5511



Oil Spill Recovery Page: http://www.epa.gov/bpspill/

For information about validated environmental air and water sampling results, visit the EPA’s website.


The Coalition to Restore Costal Lousiana

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is looking for volunteers to “fill a variety of needs.” Pre-veterinary students, veterinary technicians, and anyone with HAZWOPER training (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard) are “strongly encouraged” to register.

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
6160 Perkins Road
Suite# 225
Baton Rouge, La 70808

Telephone: 225.767.4181 office
Toll-Free: 888LACOAST (888.522.6278)
Fax: 225.768.8193 fax

Email: coalition@crcl.org


Mobile Baykeeper

Mobile Baykeeper is raising money in response to the oil spill in order to protect “the beauty, health, and heritage of the Mobile Bay Watershed.” 

Mobile Baykeeper
300 Dauphin Street, Suite 200
Mobile, AL 36602

E-mail info@mobilebaykeeper.org
Phone: (251) 433-4BAY (4229) or Toll Free 1-888-433-4460
Fax: (251) 432-8197

Mobile Bay Keeper on Facebook


Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board

The Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board is connecting BP with fisherman looking to aid in the cleanup effort.

If interested call: 281-366-5511

2021 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 300
New Orleans, La 70122

PHONE: 504-286-8736
FAX: 504-286-8738

E-mail: HorizonSupport@OEGLLC.com.

Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board On Facebook

Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board On Twitter


National Audobon Society

The National Audubon Society is recruiting volunteers in the fight to save “ecologically sensitive areas.” Visit their website to fill out a volunteer registration form. Here are thier Current Advocacy Campaigns.

National Audubon Society
225 Varick Street
7th floor
NY, NY 10014
Phone: (212) 979-3000


National Audobon Society on Facebook

National Audobon Society on Twitter


Other Websites

Seabird Sanctuary has 300 volunteers on “stand-by” to assist with the Gulf Oil Spill if it impacts Florida.

The Greater New Orleans Foundation has set up a fund to help some communities that will be affected by the oil spill.

To report injured or oiled wildlife, call 1-866-557-1401. To report spill-related damage, call 1-800,440-0858, and to inquire about volunteering, or to report oil on the shore, call 1-866-448-5816.

OilSpillVolunteers.com also provides the opportunity sign up and assist with the cleanup.

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