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Worship My Organ


Worship My Organ

Every year, once a year for the past four years, a collection of musicians gather in town for Jazz Fest and consolidate at the Blue Nile on Frenchmen Street for one night to entertain music loving festival goers with an extended jam session. They do not practice, they do not release albums, but for one night a year they are “Worship My Organ”.

It is an interesting combination of a saxophone (Eric Walton aka Skerik), two Hammond B3 organs (Marco Benevento and Robert Walter), drums (Adam Deitch) and DJ Logic that creates a unique jazzy, funky house type sound. It is nothing like the brass band based jazz I have grown so familiar with in New Orleans, it is closer to the original jazz jams in that you are never quite sure where the next beat is going to take you. Its the sort of sharp sound that breaks through…

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